MS Visual C++ Runtime Library errors

By PeterPac ·
Until the other day I have never had this type error on 1 server, 5 PC's and 1 laptop. I just upgraded my security firewall on the laptop and this error comes up all the time "Visual C++ runtime library error and it points to the firewall program. I thought MS corrected the Visual C and C++ a while back but looked at a google search and was amazed to see all the errors in there relating to this library.
Does anyone know if there is a fix for this? I searched MS and it appears there has never been a patch for this but just some resolutions that appears not to help anyone. I mean this I see affects Win98, XP, Media and now Vista, so does anyone know what is going on? I shut down MS Net and other media programs and disabled any add-ons for IE but this is still occurring and now I cannot even do a windows update on the laptop because of Visual C++. Do not tell me to shut down my firewall either. It seems MS is either not going to fix this or it is out of their hands.

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Same Prob Here

by jaguar2 In reply to MS Visual C++ Runtime Lib ...

If you find a fix please advise -- I'm desperately in need of a fix. I've tried evry Registry and activeX fix out there -- nothing seems to get it to stop popping up at will.

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2 course of action

by PeterPac In reply to Same Prob Here

1. If you are using SpySweeper that is the culprit, if not look at any spyware program that runs when you boot or when you are on line.
2. I reinstalled all my security being in Admin and it stopped the C++ error right out and I noticed that using my JV16 power tools registry program it deleted the Visual C++ link in my files to whatever program that was using it. It appears that placing spyware programs in startup is the problem specially spyware sweeper but it might also be the cause using other spyware programs in the start up. I also disabled Site Advisor except when I am in a browser.

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post the exact error message

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to MS Visual C++ Runtime Lib ...

and at what time you get this?

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Read Initial Post

by PeterPac In reply to post the exact error mess ...

The error is in the initial post and it points to the firewall. I did a MS search for this and they blame it one IE add-ons and active X that are enabled. I disabled everything MS stated and that did not stop the error. I furthered search the internet and find this Visual C++ runtime error goes back a long way even to when C was being used with all sorts of programs. For some reason it is only corrupting the Sony VAIO laptop as none of my PC computers which all have the same programs are affected by this.
When I tried to set up the firewall it created the runtime error, pointed to the firewall path, then rebooted.
So I just reinstalled the security suite in Admin and all this stopped. No more error.
Since this goes back quite awhile by the complaints in search on the internet, ie, Win98, ME, XP and now Vista I feel this is a MS Visual C and C++ Runtime Library flaw and all MS has done was post a fix that does not work as ilustrated by the amount of complaints that state the MS fix does not work.
Anyway, by my installing the security suite in Admin this eliminated the link in the registry to the C++ runtime libray as my registry program deleted the 2 links as obsolete.
Now if it is a program one does not want to grant Admin to then thats another problem and one will need to find another type of fix. For me I want my security guarding the whole computer not just the one user it is installed to protect if a user does not install it in Admin. And yes, I do not grant the user full Admin rights to a computer.

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