MS WORD 2007 Print Range does not work

By bds_1959 ·
I have a user that has a WORD document that is approx. 350 pages. He wants to print page ranges, and it does not work. By trying several printers at several workstations, I have determined that the problem is in WORD. Also, if I open the document in OpenOffice, the page ranges print fine. There are chapters, etc. in the document. The user believes that somehow WORD is reading the page number IN the document rather than the page number OF the document. I'm not convinced that's the problem, but I have no idea what to do??? He uses WORD 2007, but the document is saved in 2000/2003 format. HELP!!! Thanks!

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Re: MS WORD 2007 Print Range

A document can be printed in a number of ways. By using the Print icon from the Standard Toolbar, a document will be instantly printed.

However, this is not always recommended. Because it causes the document to print instantly, it does not allow the user to adjust any printing options.

File >Print...

The printing method that allows the users to have the most options is to select "File" and then "Print" from the top menu. This will bring up the Print dialog box. (Ctrl+P will also bring up the Print dialog box.)

From this tool, the user now has a plethora of printing options.

Printer - This area can be used to select various printers that are installed on the user's computer.
Page range - The user can specify whether to print All of the pages in a document, only the Current page of a document, or specified Pages in a document.
Copies - This allows for the number of copies to be specified without having to reprint the document numerous times.

Print Preview

Another useful tool from the File menu is the "Print Preview" option. From this mode, the user can see how a document will appear once printed.


Saving - and saving frequently - is extremely important to ensure that work is preserved and that valuable time is saved.

Saving can be preformed three ways:

1. From the Save icon in the Standard Toolbar
2. From the File ? Save path
3. Ctrl+S When saving a document for the first time, the Save As dialog box will appear.

Save in - This area can be used to select the folder that you wish to save your document to.
File name - Allows the file to be named. Spaces are allowed.
Save as type - This field allows the user to select the type of computer document to save the file as. The default is always a Word Document.

After the initial save, when the save feature is used again, the document will automatically be saved to the same location as the same file type.

Save As

The Save As dialog box can still be accessed beyond the first save by selecting "File ? Save As..."

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Thanks... but...

by bds_1959 In reply to Re: MS WORD 2007 Print Ra ...

Thank you for the reply - I appreciate your taking the time to write it. However, maybe I didn't explain the problem correctly? In a nutshell, we can't print ranges in the document. (Print current page DOES work.) I even tried to print to an Adobe Acrobat file. I tried pages 25-25, and what it did was print page 25 through the end. Again, if I open the document in OpenOffice, the print range works fine. That is why I believe it is a Microsoft issue but I don't have a clue how to make the print range work. I have used it many times before in other documents; aparrently there's something in this one that messes things up. Thanks!

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Try this out for your Word issue..

Click the Options button in the Print dialog, the Word Options dialog opens to the Display tab Click the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Print group,

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Thanks again, but... ???

by bds_1959 In reply to Try this out for your Wor ...

Thanks for your reply - however, I'm not sure what I'm missing??? I did the Options-Advanced and went down to the Print group, but what should I look for or do from there?

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I have the same problem

by samus_au In reply to MS WORD 2007 Print Range ...


I've got the exact same problem you are having. Word seems to at best ignore any page ranges I tell it, so things like 1-3 or 2,3,4 dont work, printing the entire document out instead. I can replicate the problem on several different printers, however it does appear to be document related. In a test document with a few lines of rubbish per page, word will correctly print things like 2-3. The entire document will print out correctly however.

If its any help the document I'm having the issues with is a mail merged document. Let me know if you find out a work around.

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by bds_1959 In reply to I have the same problem

Thanks for the reply - at least it's "good" to know that someone else is experiencing the same thing. The document that we are having problems with was not mail merged, so that probably didn't have anything to do with it.

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More information

by samus_au In reply to Thanks!

I did a bit more testing yesterday and still haven't found a solution. I can copy and paste the contents of the original document and the problem will still occur. It also happens on different computers. I have noticed that when printing a range of pages using the 2-4 method it will sometimes spool 0 and an empty print job will hit the queue. Also, selecting pages using the 2,3,4 etc method results in it printing every page twice.

The only funky thing in the document are its margins, as they are set very close to the edge of the printable range. Clutching a straws I know, but I'm really running out of ideas.

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Thanks again...

by bds_1959 In reply to More information

The one thing that I didn't think to try was, rather than an actual range, the 24,25,26,... thing - I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

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MS WORD 2007 Print Range does not work

by bob In reply to MS WORD 2007 Print Range ...

If the document has more than one section then you need to put that in the as well.
So, instead of saying pages 21-33 you may need to say p3s4 - p11s4. I was having the same problem until I read the instructions on the dialog box.
You won't know what section you are in unless you right click on the satus bar and tell it to show you the section and page withing the section.

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Nope, that didn't work either

by canvasshoes2 In reply to MS WORD 2007 Print Range ...

First of all, the bottom tray shows what the exact number of the page where your cursor is located. So why MS doesn't think that's sufficient for printing a page range (as in previous versions) is beyond me. At any rate, telling it the p# and s# didn't work either.

(edited portion)...Whoops, hold the phone. Sorry, my mistake, I thought that the section # referred to my document's ACTUAL section #, not some arbitrary number that MS in all its wisdom had decided to assign it. Now why would they want to have the section information align with what your actual document section # is? That would be way too logical (sheesh! We writers should storm the gates of the Gates's).

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