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By berom ·
Dearest Friends

How I can disable MSN Messenger version 7.5 or higher in Windows XP?

Thank you in advance

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no worries & no need to apologize ;-)

by UncleRob In reply to sorry

heck I'm very often wrong more times than I'm right (as per observations made my wife along with close family & friends)

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that and

by lowlands In reply to MSN Messenger

I found that renaming msmsgs.exe and msmsgin.exe does the trick as well. You might see some errors in your eventlog about a COM object that can't be loaded, but that's what you were trying to accomplish :)

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Use the MMC

by miscdr In reply to MSN Messenger

the best way to disable MSN Messenger is to go through the Group Policy Module.
go to run on the start menu and type gpedit.msc
You will get a group policy editor.
Select Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Messenger.
On the right pane, Do Not automatically start Windows Messenger Initially -> Enable.

This should help resolve the problem.

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I think your fix only applies to Windows Messenger, not MSN Messenger

by UncleRob In reply to Use the MMC

but you're thinking in the right direction.

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Group Policies

by pounder_arthur In reply to MSN Messenger

If the machine is located upon the corporate, then why not employ group policies to enfoce the denial of the application.

This way if you have any users who are savvy enough to install the application it will not run.

Just a thought


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totally agree...

by UncleRob In reply to Group Policies

plus he should be changing users group memberships so that they aren't power users or admins on the local machine which I would have to assume they currently are based on his description. They should all be setup as restricted users - why he would allow regular users to install any software on their machines is a mystery to me (heaven forbid we worry about security, viruses or spyware), that's the job of a PC Lan Tech or a Systems or Network Administrator.

Users shouldn't be installing any apps whatsoever on their machines, they should be just using their company pc's for work, let them bugger up their machines at home and leave the company pc's alone.

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Could you be more specific, please?

by Thorarinn In reply to MSN Messenger

The answer depends on a number of things. I gather you're referring to a network situation, in which case there have already been some good suggestions.

If those are too much for you, I doubt this is the best venue for you to learn network administration. I would also put it to you that MSN Mess may not be the only IM system your users might be using.

The lesson is, if/when you ask for help, try to define your "problem" so that those who try to help you can understand it correctly and respond appropriately. Otherwise it's like playing darts in the dark.

Last Saturday I got a call from a friend who said his computer didn't boot and asked if could I fix it. Do you think you could based on this information?

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