Multiple Email Addresses in Word Mail Merge

By jeff.herrick ·
I currently have an Excel data source. In the email field, I am attempting to enter multiple email address. I have tried full email address, Outlook ID's, seperating by comma, colon, semi colon, but so far, they are not recognized.

Is there any way to send one particular message to multiple email addresses?

I am using Office 2003.

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I have the sameproblem

by gtsaravanan In reply to Multiple Email Addresses ...

Anybody knows about it.

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How to add multiple Email addresses in Word Mail Merge

by ramana.rao.pv In reply to Multiple Email Addresses ...

Hello Jeff,

Put each single email address in one single cell. So, your column for email addresses in the Excel data source that you have created will have multiple rows of email addresses.

The following are the steps to send one message to multiple recipients:
1. Create the message
2. Create the data source, include a field "email address" fill in the email address, one in a cell, one below the other
3. When merging, select send e-mail messages. You will have to select the field "email messages".

This way you can send the mail directly to all the recipients.

Please let me know if this could help you. If not, probably, we can understand your need clearly, and I can suggest you any other option available.



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How to add multiple Email addresses in Word Mail Merge

by mervynw In reply to How to add multiple Email ...

I understand the problem was to have a mail merge documents with the recipients of each line to go to more than one address. This could be for the reason that a letter about a client could go to a manager as well as the worker, and the next letter goes to a different worker and different manager.

As you have found out, the semi-colon separater does not work. Now I am no expert with VBA so I thought about this problem.

The mail merge looks at the whole address, semi-colon and all. And of course, the email of this 'compound address' does not exist. The semi-colon is not recognised as a separator.

So how do you do it... Easy...!!

For each 'set' of email recipients you need to create a 'mailing list' in Outlook. So to email and you would create a mailing list of both email addresses and call it, for example 'Bert and Agnes' (without the quote). Likewise for Bert and Joyce, create a mailing list containing both names.

Then in the merge cell (Excel or whatever), insert the names you have created for the each mailing list. So the merge cells containing the email address, one would contain 'Bert and Agnes' the one underneath 'Bert and Joyce' (again without the quotes). Then Outlook will look up these names from the mailing list and one email would be sent to both Bert and Agnes, and another one to both Bert and Joyce, etc.

And it does work!

Hope this helps, sorry if it is a long time in being posted, I've only just come across the problem myself.



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How to link Outlook mailing list to excel

by Irah87 In reply to Multiple Email Addresses ...

Hi Melvyn,

How do you link the mailing list in the outlook to the excel?
Can you give some example with screenshot?

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