Multiple IPs on a Windows DC

By rserrano ·
I'm having an issue because we have multiple IPs on a Windows DC 2003. We have a forest sitting in a DMZ that is trusted by our internal forest. This forest originally had 2 DCs and it was causing a problem with an application we run. The application would query one DC and create something and then query the other DC to modify the object before it was replicated. This would then fail. We had to shut down the second DC to prevent this from happening. We now came up with the idea of sticking a second DC out there and using a crossover cable to connect the other DC. We figured that nothing would ever talk to the second dc so we didn't have to worry about it. We could just use it if there was a problem.
Great idea, but it didn't work.

DC1 has registered both it's IPs in DNS, so that is screwing things up from time to time. The other thing is the AD broadcast out the info about the other DC and the application still tries to talk to it from time to time. We've now had to shut it down.

The issue I want to resolve now is can I have 2 IP (two diff nics) on the DC but have it only register 1 in DNS. That second record is screwing me up from time to time.

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Bad idea

by bart777 In reply to Multiple IPs on a Windows ...

Per Microsoft you never want to have a multihomed DC. As you can see you get all kids of wierd issues not to mention the event log errors.

Now, that being said, your main problem is that both servers are DCs. Since they are both performing this function you need to have them in DNS or replication may get a bit flakey.

Really your best solution would be to either retire that 2nd DC or fix the application so that it doesn't talk to the 2nd server at all. Unless the app is trying to edit something in AD it shouldn't be bouncing around anyway. Perhaps a better idea would be to set up an alias for the app to look to and give that alias it's own DNS entry. You can then control where it points to. In the event that server1 has issues you can change DNS to point the alias to the 2nd box. This is the way I would go. I prefer having 2 DCs in the network just for my own sanity. With your current config the 2nd server would never kick in unless you were to manully move the cable.

Good Luck

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by Jimmy Chow In reply to Multiple IPs on a Windows ...

Don't use 2 DC in one network. Use primary DC and backup DC.

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