Multiple router Network with Access Point

By MasterC3501 ·
Ok so this is what I am trying to accomplish. We have several devices that are going to be put on the network many wired and many wireless.

My plan : I have the linksys E3000N router. The location I am going to has a netgear wireless G router on the network.

What I "plan" to do is hook up the modem and the E3000 as normal network setup. Now in another room where the netgear is. I was thinking I would get a WAP610N access point and configure it to connect to the E3000 wirelessly and plug it into the netgear for the hardwired devices. Now if the wireless is turned off I think this should work fine and wireless devices would feed off the E3000, however is it possible to also have the netgear feeding out a wireless signal so that if the signal is weak or slow from the E3000 that the signal is essentially extended through the netgear and that wireless signal can be used as well. Now I also am hoping that the "network" will look as just one whole network and not two separate ones etc.

I have been looking all over the internet for the answers I am looking for but can?t find anything relevant to the situation I am in.

Also if there is just 1 device I can get that will do this with the E3000 please let me know, meaning I eliminate the netgear and access point all together and just get one device for that room that allows for wireless access and hardwired access on the same network without having to run cables. So it should receive a wireless signal and send one out at the same time.

If anyone can help me with some clarity I would greatly appreciate it as this has been just giving me a huge headache.


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no that wont work

by MasterC3501 In reply to wait, you have devices th ...

I cannot run any wires that option will not work for me. There HAS to be a simple way to hardwire several devices using some sort of wireless device such a a bridge access point gateway repeater whatever.... there has to be something.

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but you said "cannot be wireless"

by CG IT In reply to no that wont work

This is what you said:

"One room has a wireless router which has several wired devices plugged into it.

The second room has several devices that need to be plugged in and cannot be wireless

What are some model numbers for devices that can allow those hardwired devices in the second room to have internet without running cables.... (if it can also extend the wireless signal that would be of great benefit)

so if they can't be wireless and you don't want to run any wires, there's really only 1 option and that's to use powerline ethernet. Powerline ethernet uses the 120v wall wiring to send packets so, that's not wireless and you don't have to run any wires.

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no thats not what i ment

by MasterC3501 In reply to but you said "cannot be w ...

I was saying that they are devices that do not have wireless internet capabilities. so they have to be plugged into something. I didnt mean that i couldnt use a wireless device to get them hooked up i just ment that the devices just dont have wireless internet as a feature...

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