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"Musical Milestones"

By gadgetgirl ·
As we all seem to be on a musical tack this week, I thought I'd put in my 2p-worth, too.

So, here is Musical Milestones. What musical milestones played a part in your life? I know I can definitively mark times in my life that a certain song/tune has made me recall instantly. What about you?

I'll start!

Some of these I'll explain the reasons they are milestones, some I won't - hey, there are some things/dates/times you really don't need to know, believe me!

Magic Moments, Perry Como - first song I remember hearing....
High Hopes, Frank Sinatra - Pa's theme tune!
You were made for me, Freddie and the Dreamers - the first time I went on a plane
Tired of Waiting, Kinks - first single bought
Bridge over Troubled Water - first LP bought
Build me up Buttercup - my first "Our Tune"!
Angel, Jimi Hendrix - loss of my fave cuz
Bright Eyes - September 75, you don't need to know
Sailing, Rod Stewart - honeymoon (wish the ex HAD gone sailing instead!)
Frog Song, Paul McCartney - our mother and daughter song (and yes, it still is!)
Rocking all over the World - general good times
Days, Kirsty McColl - you don't need to know
Last Night, Az Yet - you don't need to know
Love the Way you call my name, Charlotte Church - you don't need to know

and finally:

Penny Lane, Beatles. Played for my grandfathers birthday on the radio, requested by my grandmother, and was the only radio request we ever got played. Gran was born just off Penny Lane, and when my sailor grandfather got to Liverpool, they met on Penny Lane, and were together the rest of their lives. (Awwww.....)

So, that's my (abridged) starter for 10. There are loads more, but most either aren't that well known, or I can only remember a few words, not whole tunes or artists.

So that's the challenge - what are the musical milestones in YOUR life?


(Enjoy the reminiscing.....I did. Sorta!)

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by jdclyde In reply to Concerts

First concert was Cheap Trick. It was fun when they came to town a few years ago and I was able to take my boys. Still sounding good.

Most entertaining and best sounding live? Queensryche, hands down. LiveCrime is one of the best sounding live CD's of all time!

Just cool was KISS. About a dozen times I would say!

Best comeback, Judas Priest. Saw them last year and they sounded AMAZING! They are playing to old tunes, but it is for their retirement, not the sex/drugs/rockenroll of old so they were actually SOBER on stage and it was tight! A MUST SEE, if you get a chance.

Most fun, took my boys to see Mudvayne last year and they still talk about it as the best concert they have ever seen. (I take them to about six a year, and have been for about five years now, so they have been to more concerts and sporting events than many adults I know). They also saw why I sometimes come home rather brused up. The mosh pits get mean sometimes, and it is fun to throw around the young pups! ]:)

Cool show. Took Thing One to see Dream Theater/Joe Satriani/Kings X two years ago, and it was a great show and a great time. So much so that from hearing Thing one go on and on and on about it, when it was time for the G3 tour, Thing two decided to come along. Ex didn't come, awww what a shame! ;\ (before split)

Ozfest is always a wild time. This will be the first time in six years that I will not be going. Just not impressed with the line up this year. Almost the entire first stage is now "hate metal". I don't mind agressive metal, but groups like hatebreed are just stupid. Too old? Nah, just still have a brain.

the days of traveling with the local rock-n-roll bands was cool, because we got to open for and meet and even run lights for BOC, Nazarith, Jackel, and I believe the band was "strut", consisting of Uncle Ted's old whiplash bash band, including Charley Hune and the dude from Brownsville Station that wrote "smoke'n in the boys room" but for the life of me I can't remember his name.

Biggest jerk without a reason? John Kay. Made good and sure as soon as the opening band was done they were thrown out of the dressing rooms and out into the general population before he would come into the building. We opened for him at HARPO's in Detroit. (The GREATEST concert bar in the world at the time!) It looked like a hells angels reunion! The reception for him was very ho-hum because except for Magic carpet ride and born to be wild, he played all new stuff that no one knew or cared to hear.

Strangest? Tie between Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, and Marilyn Manson. If I HAD to choose, it would be Cradle, followed by slipknot.

WORST show I have been to in decades was Dokken. I ended up leaving halfway through because old Don was HORRIBLE. Most times never even TRIED to hit his highs that gave them their sound, and the few times he did try, it was god awful! (two years ago)

Great White and Whitesnake both put on a good show still.

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3 special shows for me

by DMambo In reply to Concerts

Warren Zevon in the Harvest Moon Saloon in Atlanta with just a piano and acoustic guitar. That dude could write a song.

Dire Straits in the Agora in Altanta. We were kicked back with our feet on the stage before the show began. Super close.

Every time that I've seen Neil Young. The guy's great on stage. Like he really cares about the audience.

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by thefrown In reply to Concerts

Thin Lizzy - farewell tour - Phil Lynott; the guy was awesome, knew how to command a stage; the complete showman.

Uriah Heep - as I've said elsewhere, the first rock band I ever saw live; blew me away and I've never looked back

Bruce Springsteen - that guy just doesn't know how to say "Goodnight!"

Live Aid - Sweltering heat, Wembley Stadium, everyone on a complete high (really fell out with the family over this one - it was my cousin's wedding day - but hey, it was worth it!)

Motorhead on the "Bomber" Tour (UK) - went to eight of these - I love how that 8 string bass of Lemmy's nails you to the wall and makes your soul vibrate! (Think that's how I contracted tinnitus!)

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More 2 Cents

by rludwig In reply to Concerts

Moody Blues - YES!. 15+ concerts over the years
The Who at Fillmore in SF. So close you could feel the breeze as Daltry swung the mic.
Pink Floyd at the Rose Bowl.
Jefferson Airplane in Golden Gate Park (SF) and a reunion some years later at the Fillmore (Grace could still belt 'em out).
B.B. King
Bill Graham's wake in Golden Gate Park.

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My 2 Cents

by rludwig In reply to "Musical Milestones"

White Bird: It's a Beautiful Day. First album I ever bought.
Come Tgether: Youngbloods. Grew up in SF in the 60's. That song still makes me beautiful.
Story in Your Eyes: Moody Blues. For my friend. Her eyes captivated me.
I Know You're Out There Somewhere and Wildest Dreams: Moody Blues. For lost and missed loves.
Here Comes the Sun: Beatles. For wife, now ex-.
Touch of Gray: The Dead. 'Cause that's where I am now; a touch.
Jimi Hendrix. My whole time in high school. Great times.
Crystal Ship, When the Music's Over, The End:Doors. Crystal Ship is the song that will be played last at my funeral.
Division Bell (the album): Pink Floyd. Lives have so many turns; people and places that come and go.
Which brings me to the last:
In my Life: Beatles. The lyrics say it all.

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