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Muslim-Bashing Republicans

By Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) ·
TechRepublic member Garion11 says that "right now today, in this day and age, its Islam, radical islam that is the problem".

This kind of Muslim-bashing has become common-place among Bush's more rabid followers. They rarely say it publicly, but rather they cower under the cover of internet anonymity.

Blaming Islam for all of America's problems serves no purpose, and runs counter to traditional American values of Religious 2Tolerance.

Personally, I think militant religious nuts in general are the cause of our terrorist problems. Once anyone crosses the line from "Praise God" to "Kill for God" - they become the enemy - Christian, Jew, Muslim, Wiccan - whatever.

What do you think? Do you agree with the religious intolerance expressed by Garion11 - that Islam is "THE" problem in the world?

Is this *really* the way Bush's followers feel about their Muslim brothers and sisters?

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STFU you stupid ahole

by Garion11 In reply to I care/I don't care/I car ...

You have serious problems with conservatives, go get a life you dumbshit communist.

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all terrorists at this point appear to be Muslims

by john.a.wills In reply to I don't know and I don't ...

all terrorists at this point appear to be Muslims?
Alas, no: once or more a week the Israeli army goes on a terror raid in the 1967 territories, killing far more people than the suicide bombers and other resistance agents manage, and also destroying houses, orchards and fields. The Israeli army consists mainly of people who are at least nominally Rabbinical Jews, not Muslims. And was Timothy McVeigh a Muslim?

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Islam didn't Start 9/11

by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to Please STFU

Islam is the problem...we didn't start 9/11 they did. How can you be so ******* stupid?
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Islam didn't start 9/11. Religiously intollerant, faith-based hatred (such as you repeatedly and unrepentantly express) caused it.

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Is it remotely possible ....

by jardinier In reply to Please STFU

Garion, that you could express your opinions without being rude at the same time?

If you are saying that I have an agenda, then you are perfectly correct.

However that agenda is not based on my political preference.

My agenda is to explore all these controversial issues so that we can come as close as possible to the truth, whatever that may prove to be.

So you might like to exercise your grey matter and determine WHY these ratbags attacked America.

Do you seriously believe that they did it just to pass the time of day?

So they have a grudge against America. Please do a bit of research and explain to us the reasons for this grudge.

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Well said.

by ProtiusX In reply to Is it remotely possible . ...

Here is what I know so far: Osama Bin Ladden was born into a wealthy Saudi family whose family business focused on civil construction. Osama was well educated and went into the family business for a time before returning to school where he began studying the Koran under a radical Muslim cleric. Very soon after that the Russians invaded Afghanistan and Osama answered the call to Jihad and went along with thousands of other Muslims to fight along side the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan. He used his families money to buy weapons for the Mujahadeen fighters and to build a base of operations in Afghanistan. It was from this base where Al Qaeda (The list) was born. Osama quickly became a very popular leader in the Arab world by providing vast sums of money and resources to defeating the USSR in Afghanistan and building roads, schools and other civil projects at no cost to the local people.
After Afghanistan Osama returned to Saudi Arabia where he began to teach the Koran. He began to preach against the royal family more and more often and was told that if he didn?t change his preaching that he would be arrested. It was about this time that Saddam invaded Kuwait. Osama went to the Saudi royal family and offered to call his Al Qaeda fighters to go to Kuwait and oust Saddam as he did in Afghanistan. He was concerned that the Royal family not allow the ?infidel? to set foot on Saudi soil as this would be tantamount to sacrilege. Their choice is a matter of history and Osama railed bitterly against the Royal family after that to such a degree that he was told he would be arrested so he fled Saudi Arabia to the Sudan. He stayed in the Sudan for a number of years where he used his money and influence to build terrorist training camps and work projects for the Al Qaeda fighters who were fugitives of their own countries. It was from with in the Sudan where he began his assault on the west. There was an assassination attempt on his life while he was in the Sudan. It was at that time that the Sudanese government approached the US government and offered Osama Bin Laden to the US. The US could not bring any formal charges against Osama at the time so the US chose not to apprehend him at that time.
From the Sudan Osama moved his operation to Afghanistan where he built more terrorist training camps and created the plot to attack the United States. He wrote an intefada that was his formal declaration of war against the US for their presence in Arab affairs and the US support of Israel.
So we can see that Osama Bin Laden is working under his interpretation of the Koran and feels he is doing Allah?s work by attacking the Infidel and the friends of the Jews. His followers are following his doctrine and it is this Islamic fervor that is sweeping across the world.

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Faith-Based Hatred

by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to Well said.

His followers are following his doctrine and it is this Islamic fervor that is sweeping across the world.
--- --- --- --- --- ---

It's naive to think the gloabl anti-American sentiment is based on Islam. That's the catalyst, not the cause.

The cause of the anti-American sentiment is a foreign policy that has armed both sides of their conflicts since WWII. At some point, they were bound to discover that the US was their true common enemy - the Great Satan.

That's why Militant Christians are so the WRONG people to be fighting *against* terrorism. They themselves are terrorists, and it's their own terrorist activities that are at fault.

That's why they have failed so miserably to weaken al Quaeda - and in fact have embiggened it. Bush's war against the people of Iraq is pumping $200M into fueling the terrorism industry... and encouraging militant Christians like the Klan, Aryan Nation, Christian Coaltion, Onward Christian Soldiers, Moral Majority and Branch Davidians.

Those hate groups are all over the print, broadcast and network media outlets - praising Bush for whacking brownies.

btw - How'd you like that football commercial? The one where the religious nuts got all uppity about a woman showing the flesh of her upper back (not even any T&A) but not about the violent 2 hours of football that followed it.

It's like living under a watered down version of the Taliban.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Faith-Based Hatred

Is that a word? Anyway here is a recipe for you.
Frosted Fruit Cake
100g/3?oz margarine
275g/10oz brown granulated sugar
2 eggs, beaten
275g/10oz self-raising flour
50g/2oz cocoa powder (optional)
fruit fruit of your choice (eg, bananas, pears, peaches), chopped
large tub natural yoghurt

1. Cream the margarine with the sugar.
2. Beat in the eggs, mixing well.
3. Sift the flour with the cocoa powder and fold into the creamed mixture.
4. Mix the chopped fruit into the yoghurt.
5. Fold the yoghurt and fruit mash into the creamed mixture.
6. Pour the mixture into 2 medium-sized ovenproof dishes and bake at approximately 200C/400F/Gas 6. To check if it is cooked, insert a fork or knife into the cake, when it comes out clean, the cake is cooked.

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As a republican....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Muslim-Bashing Republican ...

When I am not out there "bashing muslims" or "bashing gays"....or "hating" or throwing "irrational neocon tantrums", I am actually a pretty nice guy. Wow see the world through a pretty tainted set of glasses.....

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Republicans - Good Neighbors/Bad Leaders

by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to As a republican....

When I am not out there "bashing muslims" or "bashing gays"....or "hating" or throwing "irrational neocon tantrums", I am actually a pretty nice guy.
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

A lot of militant Christians are the same way. They keep their lawns mowed, their children don't run around the hood at night, they respect the police and firefighters, and take part in community watches. Every fourth of July they have great barbques, salute the flag, and take their kids to the local parade.

Then, under white hoods or some other anonymizer, they go out and plant "strange fruit".

One oops cancells out an awufl lot of attaboys.

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This itiot must be trying to generate traffic...

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Republicans - Good Neighb ...

No one could possibly believe the manure he is shoveling....

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