My AOL fonts have gone italic

By Homeimps ·
A couple of days ago, without any changes on my part, the font on my mail inbox, browser window, many websites, etc. went from plain old Arial to Arial italics. AOL Tech Support has so far advised me to: 1. Do a Quick Restore; 2. uninstall and reinstall AOL; and 3. in Personalization Window Color and Appearance,go into "Advanced" and click on the Italics button that appears on some of the "Items" in the drop-down menu (which only italicised everything as I had the Italics Off on every item in the menu). I even upgraded to AOL 9.5 but no luck. How did this happen and how can I fix it?? Thanks much for any help. PS: This doesn't happen when I use Firefox so it's def. an AOL problem.

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No More Italics!

by Homeimps In reply to Here?

Well golly and gee whiz! I just checked my email and somehow my font has gone back to normal! I was holding off doing anything drastic because ever since I got a Vista PC this sort of thing has happened; never anything serious, just annoying. I honestly didn't set or reset anything myself so have absolutely no explanation. I always make notes of everything I do so if anything goes wrong I can undo it. Thanks for all your help anyway and if the dreaded italics crop up again I'll let you know.

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by Homeimps In reply to Here?

Just before I noticed the italics had left I was playing a game called "Midnight Mysteries".....maybe that's what did it LOL.

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