My computer has slowed to a dead crawl.

By fmlondon ·
In the past few days, my computer has slowed to a dead crawl. I have defragged, run virus scans, malware scans, and nothing has helped. If my system is to be believed, I do not have a virus or spyware. So, what has happened, and what can I do about it? For example, when I went to register so that I could ask this question, it took me 25 minutes.

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by richard.gardner In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

Sounds like a full hard drive to me, or possibly the beginnings of a hardrive failure. Right click on your harddrive and select properties to see how much space you have, I like to have at least 250Mb free for Windows to use as swap space (extra memory, in effect), but better to have a Gig free if you can.

Could also be a cooling issue, is your CPU fan working? If not you need to replace it before your processor burns out.

Although Whing has a point, about 90% of electrical device failures can be repaired with a good clean.

Msconfig is quite useful for removing things that start up automatically, just go to Start-->run and type msconfig. Go to the startup tab and uncheck all the clagware that inevitably gets installed (quicktime launcher, adobe reader etc) You don't need any of this stuff, it just sits there taking up memory, your software will still work it just might take an extra couple of milliseconds to react.

The only things to leave are probably systray and your virus software.

The single most useful thing you can do is reinstall the operating system, this will get everything back running as normal, yes it is a pain but you just have no idea what is installed on your machine and uninstalling software isn't always as effective as you might like it to be.

Memory is not your problem here, but more of it never hurts.

If it was me, if it wasn't a space issue I'd buy a new hard drive, install the operating system on there and slave the old drive off the new one to get my old files. But that's just me.

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Could be disk thrashing

by LeonBA In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

My wife's system would slow to a crawl at certain times. Turned out the machine was low on RAM, so it was constantly paging to disk when she had certain things running. I bumped it up to 4GB, and problem was solved.

Also, as suggested above, make sure your C drive isn't nearly full. That can slow down a system too.

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Slow system

by Dave51 In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

Had a problem with one of my machines running XP home. It turned out to be the "Parity" virus on the secondary drives. My anti-virus software did not report it for a long while, when it did it tried to remove it on a reboot but that did not work, in the end I found a free s/w anti-virus program that cleared it. It was probably picked up from one of my old 1980's floppy???s that I was checking out for something.

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by benitohenri In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

I believe you may not have done a proper virus scan, and if you did than the only solution would be for you to to check it all of your hardware part are compatible with your current Operating System. A way to verify this is to go online and resreach your hardware compatibly list, and check if all the gigabytes and magabytes reached in between the max and min requirements of the specfic Os.

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