My computer is not working (can't even get the BIOS)

By asher2jk ·
The Details.
Motherboard - Intel 865 series
OS - Windows 7 (installed it a week ago)
Processor - P4
RAM - 1.2 GB
HDD - 160 GB
Graphics - NVDIA FX 5500.

Okay can't think of anything else that you guys might require. So I installed windows 7, everything was running smoothly, I was happy :)
Then out of the blue it just froze with the HDD LED continuously on. I let it stay like that for 5-10 mts thinking maybe it would revive but alas!!! :)
I restarted it and my woes began.
It starts but it doesn't do anything. I don't get anything on the screen, Moreover the HDD LED is continuously stays on. Even if I remove the HDD it stays on.
Things I have tried:

All the other things I guess are working. the Lan Card, the optical drives. they all at least startup but I don't get anything on the monitor.
The RAM's working, I guess not sure. (I removed it from the slot and the MB makes beeps)
The monitor's working, again not sure (Removed cable from the MB, it show a self diagnostic message saying check the cable so I believe its working fine)
The HDD working. (Took it to a friends computer and it booted up fine)
So I am stuck with a desktop where I can't figure out what's wrong. I believe its the motherboard but I don't know what to do about it without getting anything on the monitor. Never faced this kind of a problem before.
P.s. I know its an old computer but its the only one I have right now :) Anything that avoids buying a new MB would be wonderful.
Thanks to all people who help :)
Also I don't mind tinkering around with the system.

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POST Cards are reasonably freely available look here for some

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wasting time




You only need one of these and you may even find some on E-Bay and places like that, they also have the advantage of being used on many computers provided that you look after them. Those above are all PCI Cards and they will be usable till there are no more PCI Slots on M'Boards. After that you would have to get another one with a suitable Socket type for whatever replaces the PCI Sockets.


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Just Checking

by asher2jk In reply to Maybe a POST Card may be ...

Well not sure if you guys know about it or not.
Read about POST and I am not getting any display so no POST as well. My bet is on that you guys know about it :)

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Guess you all are tired :)

by asher2jk In reply to Just Checking

and frankly speaking so am I :) Will take it tomorrow to a technician.. Given everyone a thumbs up.. Thanks to all.. Cheers

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