My Computer Keeps restarting

By Symo87 ·
Hi guys, I have this problem with this PC I'm trying to fix. It is a HP dx7500 It keeps on rebooting at start up, making strange sounds from the Mobo. I tested the power supply and it is working, reset BIOS, unseated and seated RAM, plugged and unplugged connectors but still the same issue persisted. I then swapped the current processor with another. Though the computer powered on without the restarts nothing was on screen and the chassis fan wasn't spinning. Kindly assist me analyze this issue

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Yes virus can also cause this.

by de.doughboy In reply to My Computer Keeps restart ...

i agree that rebooting under a different OS is best way to determine that you dont have a windows virus like the loveBUG. It forces the PC into auto shutdown and runs the memory dump cmd. Pick up a copy of Linux-today at your local magazine shop where you can get a free Linux-mint boot CD. it wont make any changes to your PC unless you select install. Select run from CD-goLIVE to boot from the CD.

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Reponse To Answer

by Symo87 In reply to Yes virus can also cause ...

It doesn't start past the HP start up screen

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Have you tried another Power Supply?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Computer Keeps restart ...

Just because the old one may appear to be working doesn't mean that it's working properly or producing the right voltages.

A slightly higher voltage on the 3 V Rail will cause the CPU to overheat and restart the system constantly.

I've had that problem with HP Power Supplies previously.


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Reponse To Answer

by Symo87 In reply to Have you tried another Po ...

Will try and test it with another supply tonight. I tried replacing the CPU but i still behaves the same. Could it be that the motherboard is faulty. I am using an HP dx7500 series

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Have you tried another Po ...

Yes the M'Board could be faulty ad if it is I would suspect the Power Supply has fried it.

Just because Fans Spin and lights work doesn't mean that the Power Supply is working it just means that it is supplying enough power to spin the fans and light the LED's, in the case of the LED's they can be lit from .5 of a volt to 12 volts with virtually no current.

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Beep codes

by Athamyr In reply to My Computer Keeps restart ...

Have you considered looking up the beep codes for the motherboard on the computer?

With the beep code, the motherboard itself would tell you what is wrong.

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Computer keeps restarting

by SpringsScouter In reply to My Computer Keeps restart ...

Years ago when I worked at HP, I saw this on a server for one of our contracted support customers. We replaced virtually everything (video card, cable, motherboard, power supply, backplane) on the server, only and eventually (after weeks of troubleshooting) to find that the reset button was sticking, causing the server to constantly reboot. Check the reset button, on the case.


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on/off-reboot over and over.

by sn2112 In reply to My Computer Keeps restart ...

I think I had this problem in a presario with XP. I only recall that it was either a virus or corrupt boot/sys start file. Had nothing to do with cpu,psu,ram,board. Try f8 safe mode as well? My go to guy who knows more than I do, I think he was able to copy file folders, and re-install the OS. There had been some root kit bad things that re-spawn themselves if you try to delete them.

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by davidfacer In reply to My Computer Keeps restart ...

These problems are difficult to analyze, far less fix.
1. I suggest strongly that you try booting from a CD such as Hirens Boot CD. Success in this would point to an O/S issue. Then run the memory checker off the Hirens CD. So many puter issues start and end with bad RAM.
2. Should your situation not improve, I suggest - if you can - to access the BIOS and disable the SATA controller completely, then reboot again with the Hirens CD. The SATA HDD controller is the first firmware to load in the post process. If you gain a successful boot here you will need to replace the motherboard, or simply not be able to utilize SATA.
Best of luck!

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