my computer will not boot even in safe mode

By johnsonhw ·
when I start the computer and tap F8 the safe mode screen opens but will not load. the computer starts the process then the power cycles off and on the it does the same thing over again

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Did you have a virus/malware that you cleaned out?

by seanferd In reply to my computer will not boot ...

Of course, you might not even know, if your AV did it automatically.

But there are at least 2 things happening here.

One, is that the system is failing at some point in the boot process.

Two, is that the (in my opinion, stupid) default "reboot on failure" option is engaged, which will keep you from ever seeing any kind of error message.

Can you select Recovery Console, or do you have the recovery disk?

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As well as the above it may be a Hardware issue as well.

by OH Smeg In reply to my computer will not boot ...

If this is a Desktop system I would be looking at checking the Power Supply as the first option but before starting that get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD available free to download here

Make the Disc and boot off it. You may need to enter the BIOS and change the Boot Order to Optical Drive before the HDD and save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

Then run the system off the Boot Disc and see if it restarts. If it does you have a Hardware problem that needs sorting out and if it continues to run OK off the Boot Disc you have a Software Problem with your install of Windows.

Without knowing what's happening here you can waste hours of your time looking for a problem that just doesn't exist. So run the system off a Boot Disc for at least 30 minutes before doing anything else.


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We are calmed

by santeewelding In reply to As well as the above it m ...

And, I mean it.

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by seanferd In reply to As well as the above it m ...

But due to the ol' reboot on failure, it sure is hard to tell.

Excellent suggestion. Same reason I asked about recovery console, as I figured it may be available.

UBCD and others are definitely easier to use, for sure.

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I'm just lazy

by OH Smeg In reply to Yep.

Well actually I don't have the time to mess around trying to fix what's not wrong. I've done that in the past and I find it frustrating.

Never forget a system that came in with a faulty Video Card, I made sure that the stated problem was actually happening replaced the Video Card but there was no difference. Several Video Cards latter I noticed that the Monitor that it was connected to was turning off. So not only was it a shot Video Card but my Test Monitor had picked that time to die. Pity I didn't notice it sooner but it was an interesting several hours of wasted time.

Though I'm sure that I'll not fall for that one again.


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lol. Had a car,

by seanferd In reply to I'm just lazy

where the alternator, fuel pump, and starter were all dying just a bit, all at the same time. Had me and quite a few diagnostic guys just a tad confused.

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Sounds like one of the Japanese ones

by OH Smeg In reply to lol. Had a car,

They do things like that.

Only real problem is that when everything like that dies it's a tad expensive to repair/ :^0

But I'm still more than a bit dirty on that Monitor as I had it from new and it had to pick that time to die without any warning. Not sure what made me madder the monitor dieing or the fact that I didn't notice it straight away. Of course being my monitor I didn't think that it could be a problem when the system that came in had the exact same problem. X-(

But if you want to ever have a truly nasty one a guy I know had a Pug that just stopped running one rainy night after he drove through a puddle French Cars you know.. After paying to have the Fuel Pump, a Relay, and several other expensive things to do with the fuel injection replaced it still wasn't running and showing no signs of wanting to start. It turned out to be a bad earth under the dash. Another perfect time not to listen to what happened and just look. Or another guy who's BMW's always stopped half way up the Cunningham's Gap Road. Ran perfectly any other time but ever time he drive that road it stopped int he same place. He had to leave it for about 45 minutes and it would start again and get him tot he top of the hill. Didn't matter if it was parked at the bottom of the range for 3 years but start it and try to drive up the hill and it stopped.

After replacing everything to do with the fuel system I was asked to have a look see. Still don't know why I did this but I fitted a Heat Shield to the Fuel Pump and it never gave any problems again. I just suggested that maybe the Nasty Little Gremlin that inhabited that car didn't like the Cunningham's Gap Road. I was actually desperate by that stage as it was the BMW Dealer who asked me to have a look see and the only thing that wasn't on this car that was on the M3's that I used to work with was a heat shield on the fuel pump. That Heat Shield must have kept the temp down just enough not to cause the problem.


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This has nothing to do with that

by santeewelding In reply to Sounds like one of the Ja ...

But, in recollecting, I thought about you.

I thought you would be interested in duplicating from whole cloth the right-side steering links for a Stanley Steamer. The very rich owner bought it that way -- missing the right side. He tried, but WalMart didn't have one.

So, I made one, taking care that outward appearances would pass muster with Antiques Roadshow, unless they X-rayed it.

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OH a Stanley Steamer

by OH Smeg In reply to This has nothing to do wi ...

I've never got to play with anything that exotic. The oldest and rarest thing I have ever got yo play with as a 1926 RR Silver Ghost with 15 Miles on it's clock.

Apparently the owner never drove it anywhere it was trailered home when he bought it and then pushed outside to wash once a week and pushed back inside.

If it went to can show it was winched onto a trailer from it's parking position and trailered to the show where it was wheeled off the trailer where it was to be displayed.

Apparently the owner got desperate one week when he couldn't push it outside to wash it and we got to pull the Preselector Box apart and fix it up. Only took RR 18 months to make the parts but first we had to pull it apart and send them the broken bits. They provided a excellent set of Destructions to us so we could reassemble it which is what had me more than a bit worried.


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by santeewelding In reply to This has nothing to do wi ...

A Silver Ghost! Once I am obscenely rich, I will have one, and liveried driver.

Worked on a 90s RR. Aluminum door. A weld had failed inside, behind the panel. And no wonder it failed. Some of the sloppiest aluminum welding I'd ever seen.

The stainless-steel skin of a DeLorean is another story.

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