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My discussion is being denied

By maxwell edison ·
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It's interesting that a discussion I attempted to start (three times) is apparently being censored and denied.

Start a benign one like this, then edit it to show the aforementioned discussion, and it, too, mysteriously disappears.


Just add another reason to the list.

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You can speak for me

by GSG In reply to Don't know, Max

I've not seen anything come through with Maxwell's name on it. In fact, there's a lot that gets reported that we DON'T delete, such as someone has a differing opinion and flags the other's person's post as spam. I don't think it's the moderators doing it.

I see some links that work fine and others that don't. HAL9000 just goes ahead and always puts the space in there. I'd try your post again, and put the spaces in the URL and see if it takes.

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i haven't seen anything either

by PurpleSkys In reply to Don't know, Max

try what GSG has suggested, it should work; does for me when i'm having trouble

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I saw this behavior several months ago.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My discussion is being de ...

when the spam filter was set to block posts that included the phrase 'Ugg', as in the brand of boots. The side effect was the auto-deletion of my attempts to post text with the word 'sUGGestion'.

Try sending the troublesome text directly to Sonja or Tammy, and ask them what word or string is tripping the sensors. Or our beloved Moderators, although I don't know if they can access the blacklist.

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I'll check into it...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to My discussion is being de ...

..and see what's up :-)

-Tammy [_]3

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Just a little nudge

by AV . In reply to My discussion is being de ...

To see if I can get this to show up again.


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Well Max from my limited experience

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My discussion is being de ...

I always insert a space between the Domain Name and the .whatever just so that the posts don't entirely disappear. A while ago if I edited a post and added a URL the post would disappear anything up to a hour or 2 after the edit was applied.

As for reports being sent through I most defiantly have not seen any of your posts Marked as Spam and the only ones I delete as a matter of course are ones from that guy Jason.

Even those that have links in them to whatever I look for other posts by that poster to see if they have made a habit of posting the same link in several Posts and then maybe delete them if they do but if the link is related to the Original Topic I tend to leave them and if they look like Self Promotion but on Topic I Ask the other Moderators their opinion.

But if you like I can delete every one of your posts that I see. Really it wouldn't be much trouble. :^0

Though you would have to ask me first.

But on a more level headed approach I have noticed if I post a link that isn't a You Tube Link the post just disappears and several times I've noticed that the site seems to have been recovered from some sort of failure as the site looks like it did 12 hours previously and any newer posts are not listed. well at least not on the Opening Pages but in a Search you can find them. Looks as if the site fell over for some reason and they recovered from a Backup and the new posts just disappeared. If that helps.


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