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My Downloads disappear

By slaramie ·
For the past month or so whenever i download anything from the internet to my desktop or to the network the downloads disappear. It show that the download is going and completes. But cant find it on my desktop of anywhere. I do a search on my local pc and it isnt anywhere on the pc. Im running windows xp sp2.

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Same problem - after installing and reversing IE7 installation

by alesoriano In reply to My Downloads disappear

I tried all your suggestions. Interesting that the downloading box is set to remain open after installation, but closes itself. I once saw a file a brief second on the desktop before dissapearing. I also tried creating a new folder with a distinctive name to ensure I was on the right desktop. I also cahnged the name of the downloaded files. Nothing worked!!!

Please Help.

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That sounds like

by w2ktechman In reply to Same problem - after inst ...

it is not fully downloading. When a download fails, the file will 'disappear' right in front of your eyes.
have you tried running sfc.exe /scannow? Or have you tried using a different browser for downloading? If so, did it work?

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Don't think you are losing it

by hbloss58 In reply to That sounds like

Don't think you are going crazy. The exact thing is happening to me. If you find an answer, I hope you share it with me. It's frustrating.


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Same here... One year later :-(

by theshepherds In reply to Don't think you are losin ...

I have the same problem.
The download ends up in the IE cache, but never makes it to the target directory.
Download dialogue box goes away.
Permissions all fine. Privileges fine.
No errors in event log.
Plenty of disk space free, i.e. cache emptied. Problem just appeared, no obvious updates or patches from Microsoft to rollback.

Did anyone manage to resolve this problem without re-installing ?

Thanks in advance,


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IE Cache

by dsutherland In reply to Same here... One year lat ...

How did/do you determine that the file is in the IE Cache? As you might expect, I am having the same problem as everyone else, except: I can download to my desktop and then move the file to the desired folder (and am prompted for admin credentials in the process--which suggests to me that UAC may be somehow involved in the problem?)


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The culprit was SP1

by theshepherds In reply to IE Cache

SP1 had updated my 64bit IE with 32 bit. I copied over the 64bit directory from another Vista machine and the problem went away. MS Support were hopeless and I ended up showing them how to fix the problem.

Have a look in your cache, sort by size, most downloads will be at the top if you sort largest first.

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Possible solution

by buggy231 In reply to That sounds like

i have only tried this once so im not sure if it works but when the download is complete, in the time it says scanning for viruses, i pause it, open containing folder, copy the file and paste it in the same folder, then unpause the download, IT WORKED! im so happy i can dl again

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Could it be AVG

by john.bard5968 In reply to Same problem - after inst ...

Had the same problem. Noticed AVG tray icon had gone. Also noticed that downloads were not being virus scanned by AVG. No scan and off to oblivion with the file as it was treating this condition as a false positive. Checked security and this indicated AVG was OK and clearly it wasn't as I could not even load the GUI. Reinstalled AVG and all's well. Don'y know what caused the oringal installation to fail - hope this helps some of you and its sure better than a full reinstall of the OS.

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It could be AVG

by kh_sensei In reply to Could it be AVG

I recently downloaded AVG and noticed the problem after that, is it possible to turn AVG off during downloads and do it that way. Ill try it and post on what the results are.

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by kh_sensei In reply to It could be AVG

I exited AVG and downloaded the file again and it stayed on the desktop slightly longer but it did go away.

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