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My Downloads disappear

By slaramie ·
For the past month or so whenever i download anything from the internet to my desktop or to the network the downloads disappear. It show that the download is going and completes. But cant find it on my desktop of anywhere. I do a search on my local pc and it isnt anywhere on the pc. Im running windows xp sp2.

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Could it be AVG

by john.bard5968 In reply to nothing

Even when you exit AVG its services are still running in the background e.g. e-mail. You need to uninstall completely. As yours is a fresh install it may be worth trying Avast in its place

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by kh_sensei In reply to Could it be AVG

Nothing good happened, its the same thing i uninstalled AVG and it still dissapeared, now how can i get AVG back? and other downloads, this is really starting to annoy me

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Might be AVG

by john.bard5968 In reply to No

Done a Google. Yes other are finding AVG is the cause. Seems to happen in blocks of time, the latest being this November - looks like updates are not stable. Also found one case were Widows Defender caused the same problem - again the unistall/reinstall worked for that user. Frustration level is high but perserverance is the key.Suggest you download Antivirus software to a USB stick from a friends computer and reinstall from this. Quite a number are giving AVG the flick and going for AVAST- I'm still using AVG with no problems - touch wood - Good luck

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by Larry Hamm In reply to Could it be AVG

My AVG wouldnt run. I deleted it and my downloads are ok!

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Not necessarily

by jason.martin In reply to Its AVG

I've never had AVG installed period and have the same issue. Doesn't happen in Firefox and it doesn't happen if I create a new user on my laptop and login. In my case, it's something specific to user profile.

I've had both Microsoft Forefront client and Symantec Endpoint Protection loaded - both still have the problem. I've also not had either and still have the problem.

It's possible uninstalling AVG for you reset some registry settings that enabled it to work. If we could find out exactly what AVG does on an uninstall, we might figure out what it is.

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I have FireFox

by gk.travis75 In reply to Not necessarily

I just recently upgraded to FF 3.0.8 and that is when all my problems started. I never use IE7 but the problem happens with that too. I dunno what to do. maybe I will create another profile and try it there.

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