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Dear sir,
i have window 7. my excell and words files would not i down loaded ms office trial version but it fails to recover data. can you guide me the solution?

Deapk vyas

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Data Recovery Software

by davegeeit In reply to MY EXCELL AND WORDS FILES ...

To recover word or excel files, use any third party utility to repair ms files. There are many company offering software but i would suggest you to use recoveryfix for data recovery software.
This company offer free trial version of software.


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have you tried

by Sue T In reply to MY EXCELL AND WORDS FILES ...

downloading Libre Office or Open Office, installing it and trying to open the documents/spreadsheets using that program? Are you sure they are MS Office files? When you try to open them have you tried opening Office and then selecting open from the file menu, when that window opens you should select All Files *.* to the right of File Name. Or possibly Recover Text from any file?

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Might try downloading just the viewers for those files...

for Word documents, try Word Viewer, for Excell, try Excell Viewer...both are
available at the Microsoft Office website.

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what version of Microsoft Office were the files originally created in and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to MY EXCELL AND WORDS FILES ...

saved as? That is important as MSO is NOT backwards compatible with document versions beyond the last two now. Thus anything saved in MSO 97 will not open in MSO 2010 and it will trash the files something bad.

Best advice is check the files via Libre Office as that will open them regardless of the age, unless the base format code has been thoroughly trashed. It's because of this non compatibility I stopped using MSO back in 2004.

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