My First Encounter with this Migraine.....

By rwbyshe ·
Am trying to rebuile a hard drive on a Gateway laptop that had Vista installed on it. Am trying to install XP Pro for them.

Here's the problem. The PC is set up so that it will not let XP recognize the hard drive. I contacted Gateway and they said "sorry about that, you're out of warranty".

So I said, sorry but this PC was not sold to me with the caveat that it would only recognize Vista. Again... you're out of warranty... sorry about that!!!

So they do tell me to install a SATA Driver Controller. It's a Western Digital card and I go there and they say... go to the MoBo manufacturer.... duh.... isn't that Gateway???

The also tell me to check with Microsoft about "slipstreaming".

Do any of you folks have any help to provide to me on this whole issue?

I would have thought that a simple "format" of the hard drive and a quick install of XP Pro would have long been done by now. Have been working on this for almost 3 days.

Any HELP would be appreciated.


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The Gateway M6840...

by normhaga In reply to My First Encounter with t ...

Can run XP without a problem. As you have noticed, Gateway will not help you with XP.

One of the tricks I do is to use the Vista x32 drivers in place of XP. OEM's are often now checking for OS version and will not allow a Vista driver to install in XP.

As stated above, use nlite to install the sata drivers. However, Gateway most often includes the sata drivers as a translation in the bios.

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Thanks for you input.

by rwbyshe In reply to The Gateway M6840...

Yep, you're totally correct. Gateway played Pontious Pilat with me and washed their hands of any responsibility. Even when I questioned them about selling a PC without telling folks that it's basically not backward compatible, all they told me is "it's not our problem".
I was never a Gateway fan before this and will dissuade anyone that ever asks me about PC's from purchasing anything from Gateway.

I rebuild and repair lots of PC's for friends and family and support small businesses also and have never run into not being able to remove Vista and install XP.

Something new for me, and 120 Excedrin pills later..... lol


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If other suggestions don't work, try this

by ozi Eagle In reply to My First Encounter with t ...


Try taking the HDD and installing it in another PC, as drive C:.
Wipe the drive, FDisk and format.
Install XP on it, in this other PC.
When the PC goes into reboot after copying the files turn the PC off and replace the HDD in the original PC. Boot.

This is when XP installs its drivers, not when installing from the CD.


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Neat trick!

by ---TK--- In reply to If other suggestions don' ...
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Try This

by Breezer85 In reply to My First Encounter with t ...

1)Boot into the BIOS and look for a drive configuration (or similar) option.
2) There should be listed SATA Native and Auto (or similar) select Auto mode.
3) Reboot, insert XP let it run through
4) DELETE and Vista partition and create a new one for XP, format etc.
5) Continue to install.
New PC's and Laptops with SATA & Vista have a Native mode for Vista installs, a real bugger! I have it numerous times!

Please let me know how you get on with this, I would like to know that i've actually helped someone out. Call it Satisfaction!

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Gateway Bios.....

by rwbyshe In reply to Try This

The BIOS that Gateway has installed on this laptop lists the HD but there are NO OPTIONS to change any of the settings on the HD.

I will go back there again an look it all over once again though.

Thanks for your help. Will let you know how I do with this.

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Not for the M6840, but for the M6850...

by normhaga In reply to My First Encounter with t ...

What I did was an interrupted install.

Install the HD in another machine as the primary drive and start an XP install, at the point the XP reboots the first time power down (do not let XP reboot). All the drivers are now available. Install the HD back into the 6580 and continue the install.

Rottsa ruck.

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