My Internet Explorer 8 is slow to start up. it says "Connecting" forever

By JADavis9 ·
I am on a fast cable service on a small home network and this pc is wired not wireless. So why does IE take so long to start up and say "Connecting" for so long while starting up?

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Making progress.

by Ron K. In reply to disabled IE Add-ons

I wouldn't enable anything at this point.<br>
Download Malwarebytes and all updates, boot into Safe Mode by holding down the F8 key after rebooting, as soon as the screen goes black and it restarts. Run a <b>deep</b> scan with Malwarebytes and resolve any issues. You may see Automatic Updates being off (during a scan), it's safe to ignore that one. <br>
After running a scan running Hijack This is a good idea.<br>
Your IE home page should remain at about:blank. If not, there is something funky happening.

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What OS is in uses her and how did you get IE8?

by OH Smeg In reply to My Internet Explorer 8 is ...

If you are running XP and upgraded from IE7 to 8 after installing IE7 onto the system from IE6 then you have a conflict occurring from the IE7 Install.

This is a documented Item in the M$ Knowledge Base and the recommended solution is to open the Control Panel, then the Add Remove Programs and remove IE8. Then reboot the system remove IE7 and reboot again. Then install IE8 on top of IE6. That will cure the Slow opening times for IE8 according to Microsoft.

I would however suggest downloading the IE8 Install File before removing it though, if you do not already have it stored to a Temp Folder on your HDD.


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will I need to save my Favorites before removing IE8?

by JADavis9 In reply to What OS is in uses her an ...

Will I need to save my Favorites before removing IE8?
I have been messing around with Safari and it is fast and it uses my IE Favorites. I am not sure if it imported them or just uses the same file. But if I try to fix IE, I don't want to lose my Favorites when I Remove IE8.

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Save your favorites.

by Ron K. In reply to will I need to save my Fa ...

File | Import and Export | Export to a file and save whatever you'd like. Save to a known location, not a temp file.

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I personally will always say Backup everything often

by OH Smeg In reply to will I need to save my Fa ...

But in addition to the above advice another way to Backup your Favorites is to Open My Computer/Explorer then the C Drive and My Documents & Settings. Just copy the Favorites Folder somewhere and you have backed it up.

OH and with Safari it imports the IE Favorites so ideally it shouldn't loose what it has saved when you delete IE8.


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how do I remove IE7?

by JADavis9 In reply to I personally will always ...

I see these in Add/Remove (show updates)
Windows Internet Explorer 8
Windows Internet Explorer 8-Software Updates
Should I remove both or just the first item?
Also, how do I remove IE7? I don't see it on the Add/Remove list.

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You need to remove both

by OH Smeg In reply to how do I remove IE7?

And then after you restart the system you should see IE7 in the Add Remove Programs I understand.

But as I have never personally done this I'm unsure I have always followed M$ Advice and removed IE7 before installing IE8.


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Reset IE

by gharlow In reply to My Internet Explorer 8 is ...

Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab

Click the reset button.

This has a good shot of fixing the problem.

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too many issue with that?

by JADavis9 In reply to Reset IE

I tried resetting and then my FileHippo update checker wouldn't work. I see way too many custom selections that I have made over the years to make certain things work. So I got back to my normal settings by clicking Restore Advanced Settings button there. When I click the IE button, I count to 10 as it starts to open, then I count to 8 while it says Loading. Maybe that is acceptable?
I downloaded Safari and it loads pretty quickly in the count of 3. Should I just learn it and stick with it?

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No, IE8 shouldn't take that long.

by jfuller05 In reply to too many issue with that?

It's just as fast as Safari. I would suggest following OHSmeg's plan.

I use IE8 at work; finishes loading at the count of 3.

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