My Internet Explorer 8 is slow to start up. it says "Connecting" forever

By JADavis9 ·
I am on a fast cable service on a small home network and this pc is wired not wireless. So why does IE take so long to start up and say "Connecting" for so long while starting up?

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No one here mentioned that File Hippo update checker is a good thing.

by Ron K. In reply to too many issue with that?

You're shooting yourself in the foot with it. There's an old saying, if you keep doing what you're doing you'll keep getting what you're getting. <br>
I've been to File Hippo. Yeah, cool, fine site. Whoopee. Am I going to let it hose my system with some crap-*** updater? <br>
No! <br>
You've been given excellent advice. If you don't choose to follow it don't expect time and space to warp to meet your desires.

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sorry but please explain FileHippo concerns

by JADavis9 In reply to No one here mentioned tha ...

I am not the smartest guy around. Can you tell me whether or not it is good or bad to use File Hippo Update Checker? I thought that all it did was look for newer versions of software that is on your pc and help you download the updates after you notice that there is an update. Should I consider not using it?

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A reasonable person, concerned with speed of IE8

by Ron K. In reply to sorry but please explain ...

would try to see how fast IE8 is without being all garbaged up with toolbars, funky homepages, update checkers, widgets and add-ons. Wouldn't they? <br>
FWIW- I select which applications need to be updated on my schedule and not some arbitrary schedule chosen by a third party software. I'm a bit more paranoid than you. I want to KNOW what is being installed on my computer and WHY it's being installed. That's why I control it.

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I am paranoid too but ...

by JADavis9 In reply to A reasonable person, conc ...

File Hippo just goes thru the programs it finds on my pc when I log on and gives me a list of program that have updates that are available. I get to select any of them individually or not. I don't have it show me beta versions. It seems to work really nicely.

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I know what File Hippo does.

by Ron K. In reply to I am paranoid too but ...

Why go there immediately? Do you always feel like going to File Hippo? Did you even try about:blank as your home page or am I just wasting my breath over here?

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I tried Safari but uninstalled it

by JADavis9 In reply to My Internet Explorer 8 is ...

I don't want to mess with learning another program. So I set IE as default browser and uninstalled Safari using REVO Uninstaller. Safari may have been a few seconds faster to load and start, but I know IE and want to use it.

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Solution to speed problem

by sachinjoseph In reply to My Internet Explorer 8 is ...

Uninstall or disable all IE8 toolbars (including Windows Live Toolbar, MSN Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, Google Toolbar etc) by right-clicking on the toolbars area and unchecking all toolbars other than the favorites bar.

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