My PC is isolated from my company's network

By jerry.xie ·
I am new person in my company. The company does not have IP document.

My company's IP is range from ~, but my pc's IP is

I type ping from any other PC, the connection is failed always

Did you how to fix the connection problem? Do I have change the IP of

Thanks for your help.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to My PC is isolated from my ...

How are IP addresses handed out DHCP or Manually / Static?

I can't see your IP range being from too

Install a port scanner and scan the network it will tell you how many addresses you have it should be -

If you require anymore help post back.

Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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IP settings?

by sidekick In reply to My PC is isolated from my ...

Look at where your network cable plugs into the computer. Are there any blinking lights? If there are tiny little lights that are not on or blinking, then a network cable is not plugged in somewhere.

Are you using DHCP?

What is your subnet mask? If it is, then that is not the problem.

This shouldn't actually cause the problem, but is you default gateway set the same as everyone else?

Also, it is possible for Windows or a third-party security software to block ping with its built in firewall, so that is not always a sure-fire way to test connectivity. Can you ping the other computers or the default gateway?

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insufficient information

by CG IT In reply to My PC is isolated from my ...

your IP address doesn't really mean anything on a corporate network other than you get an address.

Corporate networks can and usually do have many security features that can limit where a user may go on the network. For instance, VLANs. you could be assigned to a VLAN which limits you to connecting to hosts only on the same VLAN. If your the only host on the VLAN, your isolated.

In addition, hosts on the same VLAN can also be configured to not allow any remote connections and not share any resources. The result is, your computer is isolated from everything within your respective VLAN.

These mentioned security features have nothing to do with whether you can get to the internet if your allowed access. So just changing your IP address does nothing to gain you access to resources.

Contact your IT department to obtain information on what access you've been granted, if any.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to My PC is isolated from my ...

Contact your company's IT department. They should be able to assist you.

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