My PC is not recognizing the monitor HELP!

By fcui21 ·
I just replaced the Motherboard and PSU in my Emachines W2888. Everything powers up just fine; peripherals are all recognized (Keyboard, mouse, USB) except the monitor. I tried 3 different working monitors and could not get a picture out of any of them. Could the motherboard be faulty or did I miss a step? Please provide details, thank you all in advance!

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more infor

by jamesmondtan In reply to My PC is not recognizing ...

Are you using onbaord vga or vga card. any bipping sound when turn on?

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I am using an onboard VGA...

by fcui21 In reply to more infor

and also tried a VGA card and still nothing. I missed the first question and I just wanted to add so I can perhaps make more sense. THanks.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to My PC is not recognizing ...


How do you know that the peripherals are working if you can't get anything on your monitor?

I suspect that you are running either XP or W2K and that after the POST the monitor doesn't work.
These OS's recognise "their" hardware. Having changed the mobo, you are now trying to run on "foreign" hardware.

Two ways that may help you get your system back.

1/ If your old mobo still works, reassemble the HDD RAM etc to make a barebones system. On the benchtop will do. Fire it up and update your IDE drivers in Device Manager, back to STANDARD DUAL CHANNEL IDE DRIVER, instead of the mobo drivers. THen turn off the computer DO NOT ALLOW A REBOOT. Return the HDD to the new system and boot. The OS will then look for specific drivers for that mobo. (You may need to run the mobo setup CD).

2/ Do a repair installation. Boot from your OS CD and select INSTALL not repair, follow the prompts and somewhere you will be asked if you wish to do a new installation or repair an existing one. Chose the repair option. NOTE THIS REPAIR IS THE SECOND TIME YOU ARE ASKED, NOT THE FIRST. This may load usable drivers so that the system boots. Then run the mobo setup.

Good luck


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I was going to ask..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Suspect

"How do you know that the peripherals are working if you can't get anything on your monitor?" - Herb

...but I bottled it. - Thought somehow I'd shoot myself in the foot. Now you've beaten me to it. Duh!

But how does he know?...

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hard to say

by dma69593 In reply to I was going to ask..

(yes, I thought that too, maybe he/she means the lights are all on and flashing etc on the keyboard and mouse.)

Anyway, if the mb was bought from a swap meet or something (not brand new) theres a likely chance it could have a fault somewhere in which case, there probaly isn't much chance of replacing it.

If you're not getting bipping noises etc when you turn it on, the mb is probaly ok; go back and double check that everything is plugged in properly and in the right slot. If your mb didn't come with a manual, you can download one from the net (in pdf format) just by googling the numbers and things that's stamped on the motherboard.

But really, its difficult to determine what the actual problem is without seeing it first hand. I can only guess.

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Hi everyone here are my answers...

by fcui21 In reply to hard to say

1. I don?t hear any beeping sound when I power the PC on. I see that the power LED is on, the fans spin like they are supposed to. Everything sounds normal.

2. I thought the peripherals were working because the PC recognized them, whereas the monitor it did not. I say recognize because the keyboard light comes on and the mouse light at the bottom of it lights up. I also plugged in a flashdisk in one of the USB slots and the flashdisk lit up. So I guess my point was the PC was able to at least recognize these items but not the Monitor.

3. I even installed a Video PCI I have laying around so I could plug the monitor there but even that didn?t work?.didn?t recognize the monitor that is.
4. Info on my PC: Emachines W2888. Replaced the original motherboard (SeeBreeze) with an MB ASROCK P4VM890 P4M890 478. The PC has Windows XP. The original motherboard was apparently fried?this was the faulty part that was causing my PC to not power up.

So if the original motherboard is dead, how do I work around this? I would really hate to take this in to GeekSquad to get this fixed (they charge way too much) so if you have ideas I would really appreciate it. If you have additional questions, please don?t hesitate to ask; I appreciate your willingness to assist. Thanks everyone.

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by dma69593 In reply to Hi everyone here are my a ...

Yes, I have one question.

Have you installed the drivers for the motherboard?

I have googled the net (I assume you probaly have too) and most suggest that this problem is either a bad video card or memory.

Another question:
Does the monitor have power? ie is the light at least on? (it will be amber)

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My answers...

by fcui21 In reply to drivers

No I have not been able to install the drivers because I cannot see anything on the monitor (can't see waht I'm doing). And yes the monitor is on, not green but orange indicating it's idle.

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Try Safe Mode

by PhotoGene47 In reply to My PC is not recognizing ...

I believe if you keep hitting the F8 key after boot, it would bring you into Safe Mode. I believe Safe Mode loads a generic video driver for just such an occasion. If it works, then you know the problem is your video driver. If it does not, you may have a faulty video card.

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