My sister claims that Windows Update disabled her daughter's PC.

By zookeeperz ·
She had somebody build the pc years ago and they put xp on it, but apparently they used a generic license number.
She said that Windows Update scanned the pc and deleted some files and rendered it unbootable.
I told her I hadn't heard of that happening, but had heard that MS had the ability to do that if they wanted.
I usually get an email newsletter with all those types of things listed and I haven't seen it posted, and I also have an XP that MS considers non-Genuine, and that didn't happen to my pc, so I am wondering if it is maybe a virus or worm that caused that.

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Windows Update or winupdate?

by willcomp In reply to My sister claims that Win ...

Winupdate.exe is a trojan installed in spyware packages. Perhaps that's the culprit rather than Windows update service.

I haven't seen MGA problems completely disable a PC. Either get a "friendly" popup warning or reduced functionality (operates in safe mode only) depending on circumstances.

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'generic licence number' ?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to My sister claims that Win ...

Let's call it what it is, a pirated licence.

What else do you expect should have happened? It is an illegal copy, and there have been rumours and articles of Microsoft planning a kill switch in connection with Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) which you need to run before you can download certain updates.

If the copy is not genuine, you cannot even download Windows Defender to clean the PC from spyware.

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Generic isn't necessarily a pirate

by fishcad In reply to 'generic licence number' ...

I'm a retired teacher. We had a problem with Microsoft not recognizing many of our computers that were built on site or refurbished donations. We used the same Windows disk for all of these and bought license stickers from MS at a huge discount. Every time we had any contact with MS we were told to contact the machine vendor because it looked to them as if the software was pre-installed on a store bought machine.

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She's stuffed, you will be if you don't take action

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My sister claims that Win ...

If it was WGA and it easily could be (generic license?) all she can do is got out and buy a real copy of XP.

When you say Ms don't consider your license genuine you'll have to convince them otherwise, or eventually you will suffer the same penalty.

As far as MS are concerned you are both pirates and they are mad keen on seeing you walk the plank, so keen in fact they aren't bothered if they judged you incorrectly.

I'm not mad keen on MS business practices but if they don't think you've paid for the lease on the software, why should they let you keep it?

They have the contractual right to take it back, they got that when you ticked the box on the EULA.

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I believe Microsoft has shut your OS down

by intrepi In reply to My sister claims that Win ...

When Microsoft Updates does a validation and it cannot be validated, the updated validation can render the OS unusable. What has probably happened is somebody has installed Windows XP with the same disk that they used to install Windows on your sister's machine and as soon as they did, it essentially voided all previous installations done with that disk. To solve this problem, you will either have to get that disk and reinstall or buy another copy of XP. Sorry, but that's my opinion for whatever it's worth

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xp sp2?

by THANAT0S In reply to My sister claims that Win ...

if xp isn't with sp2, then if you format and re-install xp, just have to stay away from certain updates it wants to install, if you take nothing from sp2, then should be ok, should

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