My SWAG arrived - I am no longer one of the Riff-Raff !! ...

By OldER Mycroft ·
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As such I think TR should, as part of the new changes, build a Special Room where all the swag-owners can go and discuss the activities of all the riff-raff.

I am bowled over by TechRepublic's (read Sonja's) generosity and as such, now wish to put something back in. I think a V.I.P. room would go down well with some of us, just to keep the others out.

I'm deliberately posting this in the Tech Questions area as the punters in the discussion area can't earn SWAG (much).

So now that we've lost our little bit of TR in the form of the old Blue Box, how's about a special room instead ??

** We could be the SWOTRs - Swag Owners of TechRepublic !

< ** >

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Ahh, but its disposable

by The Scummy One In reply to Whoa!

I am glad I didnt get that -- I got something else instead
(one of the reference materials to read).

Personally, I refuse to use a disposable camera...
However, that my be because I got 7 cameras anyway...

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Why have you got 7 disposable cameras then ? :^0 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ahh, but its disposable

You got some kind of inability to let go?

Don't they all have 'Use By' dates? :^0

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Oh Cr@p :0 :0

by The Scummy One In reply to Why have you got 7 dispos ...

Oh No, they have Use By dates????
Geez, do I need more now?


Actually, about every 2 years I pick up a new Digicam.
However, I do continue to use the old ones as well. Unless
of course, they are broken.

I keep 1 in my truck, 1 in my backpack. When I go to do
anything, like hiking/vacation/etc.. I keep 2 to use (my
newest 2) and bring another 1 or 2 for those dimwits that
go with and forget to bring one (it always happens).

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Well obviously I'm more special than all of you lot

by OH Smeg In reply to SWAGalicious!!!

Because I got my swag yesterday as well and I'm in AU and Customs opened one package.

So it was tied up in Transit to be inspected for Weapons of Mass Destruction and the silly people passed it. Seems that the Wine Bottle Opener which I asked could I have in a Discussion Thread because I love Puzzles looked a Bit strange to Customs in the X Ray so they had to have a look see what it was. :0

I wonder if they knew what it was.

And the TR XL Shirts are not all that large and my new Blue one has a pocket in it so it's even Very Useful wondering what comments I'll get the next time I wear it out the last time was to the Corel X4 Release and I had a guy ask me if I knew HAL 9000 then jump on me because I said he was an Idiot.

OK in retrospect the Wine Bottle opener wasn't such a good idea as SWMBO took it off me immediately she found out what it was saying it was too good for me. Then she made the mistake of opening a Secret Cupboard & I got to see where she hid it with the Silver. The down side however has to be the 2 TR Flags that arrived one in each satchel SWMBO promptly inspected one and said Good Plastic they will not hold the Blood Stains referring to the actual white bit and then I saw her stabbing meat with skewers latter so I have a fair idea of what's in store for me. :_|

Col ]:)

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My guess is that customs...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Well obviously I'm more s ...

is watching the HAL 9000, too. By now everyone knows it is in need of some serious repair.

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This just goes to show just how SPECIAL I am :0 <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to My guess is that customs. ...
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Yes Smeg, you are 'Special' in a

by w2ktechman In reply to This just goes to show ju ...

very 'Special' kind of way!

Hmmm, now that I have been nce to someone today, who can I rip apart???

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We need pink TR SWAG

by Tig2 In reply to My SWAG arrived - I am no ...

Seriously. Otherwise I will have to Photoshop the TR logo. You don't want me doing that.

My favorite coffee cup, next to my TR coffee cup, is my pink ribbon coffee cup. The only thing that would be better is a TR pink ribbon coffee cup.

What do you say, TR? Go PINK!!!

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..and I was just getting used to THIS colour scheme!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to We need pink TR SWAG

Now there's a (remote) possibility it'll all change again?

Why don't we have an interactive front-end?

TR could release a GUI and we could all have our own choice of colour!

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What, like a Special Edition?

by The Scummy One In reply to We need pink TR SWAG

Hmmm, the Limited Edition SWAG, for just $9.95 (forego
shipping/handling for those who qualify).
10% proceeds go to Tigs cause...

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