My SWAG arrived - I am no longer one of the Riff-Raff !! ...

By OldER Mycroft ·
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As such I think TR should, as part of the new changes, build a Special Room where all the swag-owners can go and discuss the activities of all the riff-raff.

I am bowled over by TechRepublic's (read Sonja's) generosity and as such, now wish to put something back in. I think a V.I.P. room would go down well with some of us, just to keep the others out.

I'm deliberately posting this in the Tech Questions area as the punters in the discussion area can't earn SWAG (much).

So now that we've lost our little bit of TR in the form of the old Blue Box, how's about a special room instead ??

** We could be the SWOTRs - Swag Owners of TechRepublic !

< ** >

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Where's the piccies ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yee Ha!! I am part of the ...

You gotta post a piccie or two, just to exercise the saliva glands of those who have yet to join!

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I'll post a piccie

by Jacky Howe In reply to Where's the piccies ? ...

when I get it. I had a phone call from the courier this morning wanting to know my address. Apparently it was addressed to me at South Bundaberg. Lucky that I am the only one in the phone book with my last name.

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I'll work on that this weekend

by jimmy-jam In reply to Where's the piccies ? ...
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Got mine!

by Bizzo In reply to My SWAG arrived - I am no ...

Thanks Sonja!

I'll try and get some pictures up too.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Got mine!

We dont believe ya unless there are pics :^0 :^0

Good Going -- you are part of the TEAM now.

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My balls were glowing last night

by jdclyde In reply to My SWAG arrived - I am no ...

and the more I played with them, the more they glowed. Was pretty cool!

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Those were for ThingOne and ThingTwo!

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to My balls were glowing las ...

Next time you contribute to TROLOV, I'll send you a ball too... that way all three of you boys can play with your balls!

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They kept beotching at me

by jdclyde In reply to Those were for ThingOne a ...

because I would keep turning off the lights so I could play with my balls in the dark....

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Oh dear...

by Jellimonsta In reply to They kept beotching at me

This is going in a direction I do not like!

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A new direction

by jdclyde In reply to Oh dear...

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