My SWAG arrived - I am no longer one of the Riff-Raff !! ...

By OldER Mycroft ·
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As such I think TR should, as part of the new changes, build a Special Room where all the swag-owners can go and discuss the activities of all the riff-raff.

I am bowled over by TechRepublic's (read Sonja's) generosity and as such, now wish to put something back in. I think a V.I.P. room would go down well with some of us, just to keep the others out.

I'm deliberately posting this in the Tech Questions area as the punters in the discussion area can't earn SWAG (much).

So now that we've lost our little bit of TR in the form of the old Blue Box, how's about a special room instead ??

** We could be the SWOTRs - Swag Owners of TechRepublic !

< ** >

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Hal admittedly

by The Scummy One In reply to Don't they both have swag ...

has none anymore (see post above). And, well, JD -- we can
go break his :^0

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Just try it

by Tig2 In reply to Hal admittedly

And we'll be calling you lefty!

Besides, you can't break a polo!

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by w2ktechman In reply to Just try it

for ridding us of JD in the elitist posts?
C'mon, he already posts too much anyway. If we allow him into the non riff-raff area, he will be consumed and will integrate himself into TR with no ability to rid of him :0

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There used to be such a place - TRI

by maxwell edison In reply to My SWAG arrived - I am no ...

Some of us were invited to join. Here's a cut and paste of the invitation (circa 11-2004):

Greetings Maxwell Edison,

As you've probably guessed, this message concerns TechRepublic. In the past few days, you may have noticed a new forum has appeared in the TechRepublic Discussion Center called TR Insiders

(Link Removed)

What you may not be aware of is that you are one of only 15 TechRepublic members who can see and access this area of our Web site.

That's right, you're one of 15 people hand-picked from hundreds of thousands TechRepublic members. This elite group of extraordinarily active users has been invited to join us in the most significant redesign of the TechRepublic Web site in our company's history. You, Maxwell Edison, were hand-picked for this team because of your incredible level of involvement in the TR Discussion Center and Tech Q&A. You're among the best of the best, and we need your help.

Over the next few months, you and your fellow TR Insiders will be granted unprecedented access to TR beta features, extended additional exclusive site privileges, and afforded a direct line to the core TR staffers that are working to create the ultimate IT community site for this century.

If you decide not join us, you don't need to do a thing. However, if you decide to stick around, we'd like you to fill out the four-item questionnaire at the end of this message and send the answer as a reply to this e-mail and respond by noon EST on Thursday, Nov. 4. Yes, it's a survey, but if you complete it there will be a technocentric gift in it for you down the line. It's not a bribe, you've earned it.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to working with you.


The Community Redevelopment Team

Rex Baldazo (RexWorld)
Beth Blakely (beth.blakely)
Paul Cook (pcook)
Jay Garmon (The Trivia Geek)
Mark Kaelin (MKaelin)
Shawn Morton (sMoRTy71)
Ted Smith (tsmith)

The group grew from 15 to 1500. Okay, I exaggerate a bit, but after we shared some initial development ideas, the group continued to grow and grow, soon becoming much ado about nothing. Personally speaking (paraphrasing Yogi Berra), nobody went there anymore, including me, because it was too crowded.

TR Trivia question:

Who were the original 15 TRIs?

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Did the email have a TopGun mp3 attached ?? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to There used to be such a p ...

Probably not, otherwise the TRI would've had to admit Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens as elite members!! :^0

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Original 15

by CG IT In reply to There used to be such a p ...

Original members:

Rex Baldazo (RexWorld)
Beth Blakely (beth.blakely)
Paul Cook (pcook)
Jay Garmon (The Trivia Geek)
Mark Kaelin (MKaelin)
Shawn Morton (sMoRTy71)
Ted Smith (tsmith)

Joe Moore
You Maxwell...
The Chas

There was one lady that had a couple of thousand points when we had points. Haven't seen her since that revamp to thumbs...She was one..

That's about all I could quess at because I can't seem to find the page with the TR members with the most amount of thumbs.. list

Those with 3000 or more and there were about 5 or 6 were original members....

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I'm pretty sure

by JamesRL In reply to There used to be such a p ...

I was on that list...and the ones CG mentioned....and .....mind is searching but coming up blank. BFilm ?


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Dougof CBS might have been one and Oz Media

by CG IT In reply to I'm pretty sure

I'd be guessing at the rest. Maxwell knows thought. I'm surprised he hasn't come back and let us know.

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CG IT - Here ya' go

by maxwell edison In reply to Dougof CBS might have bee ...


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Answer - I don't remember ALL of the original 15

by maxwell edison In reply to There used to be such a p ...

The fifteen, I believe, were regular TR members. Jay and sMoRTy were the primary TR contacts, and Beth participated, but I don't know if they were counted among the fifteen..

These I know for sure:

Maxwell Edison

I'm certain the following were invited, but perhaps were inactive by then and didn't participate:

Joseph Moore

After a couple of months, word got out and it really opened up to a lot of people. At that point, it seemed that everybody was an insider!

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