My system ( dell insprion 1525) getting blcak when it is running in batter

By keramesh2003 ·
When it is running in battery i will not get black. But when i connected to the power the screen gets black, during the time the processer is working. can u help me to solve this problem.

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Anyway you need the covers off because

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I see

If you leave them in place the unit creates a Big Splash when it goes in the boiling oil but much more importantly you need the covers off so

You can watch the Electronic Components die. :0

After all there is no fun just knowing that they are going to Silicon Heaven if you can't watch them die is there? :0


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by NexS In reply to Anyway you need the cover ...

I have not watched any of those episodes in quite some time. I feel like a traitor of sorts.

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I'll have fish with those.

by seanferd In reply to RE: Imagining deep fried ...

But those silicon chips, you know, are <i>wafer thin</i>.

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'Wafer thin'

by NexS In reply to I'll have fish with those ...

I suppose that's why Col wanted batter on his chips.

Fish, though, whiting or grenadier - for the win.

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need more specification

by prrethish In reply to My system ( dell insprion ...

whether it is shutting down when u put the power or just screen get black
if it is shutdown then check u r power adapter
If it is ok then there is a short in the mother board
also try to power on the system without battery

log on to the bios setting screen by pressing f2 at the start up and after pug in the power
check whether the same thing happens or not

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