My Windows Vista PC takes too long to startup, what's wrong??

By fcui21 ·
I have a Dell Dimenstion E520 with Vista Premium (32-bit). It's only 4 months old and had no problems until recently. From the time I power up the PC to the time the log on screen comes up (user name/password), it always takes about 1 minute and a half. I notice the part that takes the longest is after the Operating system loads up (Windows Vista logo) and from there it's a pure black screen for what seems like forever...what could be causing this and how can I fix it?

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Boost performance

by hema In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

Please use the Performance Monitoring tool to find out where exactly is the machine running slowly. You will find this option "Reliability And Performance Monitor" on the Administrative Tools menu in Control Panel. Please also switch off the Aero interface if you have the basic graphics card.

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Boost Mk II ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

You'd also do well to disable the sidebar.

It's usually just composed of unnecessary bells and whistles anyway. Really just eye candy.

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Since no one liked my answer..

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

I will explain it better. I run Vista on a laptop with a T5600 CPU and 2 GB of RAM. With everything that is not necessary off, no Aero, etc...(see above recommendations from others), it still takes about 70 seconds to get booted up and going. I can deal with this since I usually cut it on and then get a cup of coffee.

I installed it on my desktop with 3.2 dual core and 4 GB RAM, it still took just as long to boot as the laptop with the same considerations. This is Vista, it has a lot to load even with the bare minimum. You will have to get use to it, because I don't believe it is possible to get under a minute. It is a good product when it is installed on compatible hardware and some features are great (I am particularly fond of the new photo album viewer, too bad they don't have a comparable add on for XP), but it takes a minute to get going. If you have to have fast boot times, you will not be able to do it with Vista.

There is nothing wrong with your machine. It just has the WOW factor. Wow it takes a long time to boot. (Just a joke, it's a good product, just heavy).

By the way Rickk, I have installed Vista on around 20 machines for testing and personal use. Since you have never used it, how can you be the judge if it is capable of what the OP asked.

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Once Again

by rkuhn In reply to Since no one liked my ans ...

I was just commenting on your two word reply "load XP".

I would hope as a professional, you offer more thorough advice.

In a Help Forum such as this, I believe people deserve an explanation. That you have now given and I take my words back.

I have used Vista just not extensively. But I also believe that if you can't get Vista going well on a 3.2 Ghz dual core processor with 4 GB of RAM, you have a problem.

I got Vista running nicely on my home PC which is only a 2.8 Ghz single core processor only 1.5 GB of RAM.

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It runs fine..

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Once Again

it's just getting it going that takes a while. Once it is going, I like it, except the few apps that will not run on it.

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