my wireless internet wont work, need some help!

By bbpro991 ·
so the other day i was starting up my computer and it wouldnt connect to the wireless internet, and i noticed the wireless switch on the front of my laptop was orange(usually blue) so i switched it off and back on and it stayed orange. so i went to the cmd.exe and typed ipconfig/release and i got an error message: like cannot do this action because the media is disconnected, which was for my LAN and then i got another thing called Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: which gave me an ip adress of like fe80 : : ffff:: ffff ::ffffD%5 and that didnt look good because normally that is where my wireless ipadress comes in ... so i messed around and found the same title but with more stuff under it
connection-specific DNS suffix:
description ... teredo tunneling pseudo-interface
physical address...FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF
Dhcp enabled.... no
ip address ... Fe80::ffff::ffff::ffffd%5
default gateway....
netBIOS over Tcpip.... disabled

when i go to my network connections my wireless one says 1394 connection connected 1394 net adaptor but when i click it the two computer monitor screens are grayed out it has no connection status and when i click repair it says TCP/IP is not ennabled for this connection cannot procede so i googled that but havent found anything that works...

if anyone has suggestion on how to fix this, or needs more information please respond i would love the help, thanks.

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no red x

by bbpro991 In reply to Well...

there was no error signs that showed up and im pretty sure im not using the firewire, so should i go to device manager and just choose one of the two and uninstall it and then reboot the computer?

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what happens when

by The Scummy One In reply to device manager

you turn on (enable) your wifi adapter?

The 2 items listed are not your wireless.

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The nVidia isn't a

by seanferd In reply to what happens when

wiffee? I hadn't even checked.

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Over here.

by seanferd In reply to my wireless internet wont ...

Try just disabling the 1394 adapter, first. If you uninstall, but have the adapter physically available on the system, Windows will just reinstall the driver.

In the Properties for the adapter, mark the checkbox for "Disable in this hardware profile". If that does not work, highlight the nVidia adapter and click the "remove" button, then restart the system. Windows will then reinstall the adapter. See if that works.

Edit: You may want to try this first, if available. Does the nVidia adapter have a program in the start menu? (Click: Show All Programs.) If so, run it and use the diagnostics or check the signal strength.

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tried uninstalling

by bbpro991 In reply to Over here.

i uninstalled the 1394 one first and then the Nvidia and they didnt do anything at all... what if i somehow like deleted the driver for my wireless card is there anyway i can install a new driver for that since my computer cant pick up that there is one inside it..

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Yes. See posts below.

by seanferd In reply to tried uninstalling

Also, you should always try to Disable before Uninstalling.

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Teredo: Are you using XP(which service pack?) or Vista?

by seanferd In reply to my wireless internet wont ...

I did some looking around because that address you gave in your first post looks like an IPv6 address: it is. The Teredo thingumie is something turned on by default in Vista, designed to use Microsoft's IPv6 servers. Perhaps you can turn this off and use good ol' IPv4 addressing (the IP addresses that you are used to seeing). So it sounds like you are not reaching the MS servers that can hook you up to the Internet.
I would turn this off unless you absolutely need it (like if you are using NAT). I'm pretty sure you don't. Perhaps someone more well versed with Vista can help. I'll look around some more. Have a look at this : <br>
Here's how to disable Teredo. You'll need to edit the registry for Vista. Look at the section towards the bottom of the page: <br>
For XP: See this article form microsoft: <br> <br>
Particularly "Configure the IPv6 Teredo client" about halfway down the page.

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by bbpro991 In reply to Teredo: Are you using XP( ...

thanks alot i will look at this and try to turn that off see if it works.. im using xp service pack 2 by the way

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Make sure you follow directions for XP, then.

by seanferd In reply to ok

Can you tell us the exact make and model of your laptop? We can probably identify what wireless card you should have, and then tell you where to get a driver if it is missing.

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by bbpro991 In reply to Make sure you follow dire ...

the computer is a HP dv6000 XP service pack 2 and
the serial# is CNF6401MWF
product# is RG264UA#ABA

that good?

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