my wireless internet wont work, need some help!

By bbpro991 ·
so the other day i was starting up my computer and it wouldnt connect to the wireless internet, and i noticed the wireless switch on the front of my laptop was orange(usually blue) so i switched it off and back on and it stayed orange. so i went to the cmd.exe and typed ipconfig/release and i got an error message: like cannot do this action because the media is disconnected, which was for my LAN and then i got another thing called Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: which gave me an ip adress of like fe80 : : ffff:: ffff ::ffffD%5 and that didnt look good because normally that is where my wireless ipadress comes in ... so i messed around and found the same title but with more stuff under it
connection-specific DNS suffix:
description ... teredo tunneling pseudo-interface
physical address...FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF
Dhcp enabled.... no
ip address ... Fe80::ffff::ffff::ffffd%5
default gateway....
netBIOS over Tcpip.... disabled

when i go to my network connections my wireless one says 1394 connection connected 1394 net adaptor but when i click it the two computer monitor screens are grayed out it has no connection status and when i click repair it says TCP/IP is not ennabled for this connection cannot procede so i googled that but havent found anything that works...

if anyone has suggestion on how to fix this, or needs more information please respond i would love the help, thanks.

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Pretty good, but to be sure...

by seanferd In reply to computer

Your product number gets me this: <br>
HP Pavilion dv6125se Notebook PC.
Due to the way HP has their system set up, the precise *model* number is what is needed. So, to be positive on the model number, take a look at this page: <br>
Then we can be absolutely sure that we are looking for the correct system specs to identify your wireless card, and get a driver for it if necessary.
We're getting there, stick with it and we'll get you an answer.
edit: You may also just try this: <br>
1. Click Start , click Help & Support , and click Update Software & Drivers. <br>
2. On the Software & Drivers page, click Check for HP Software Updates to perform a system checkup and locate updated drivers.<br>
3. Download and install the current BIOS update for your PC.<br>
4. Download and install the current Ethernet LAN driver update for your PC.<br>
5. Download and install the current wireless driver, if there is one.<br>

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by bbpro991 In reply to Pretty good, but to be su ...

that is my computer and i ran the update and i downloaded everything new and there is no change in anything.

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Try these next.

by seanferd In reply to well

Have you tried using the Add New Hardware Wizard in the Contol Panel?
Okay, if this doesn't work, you may want to start over from the beginning, and set up the network again. <br>
<A HREF="">Using the HP Network Assistant to Setup your Home Network in Windows XP</A>
You might like to try this, also. <br>
<A HREF="">Checking Your Notebook PC Using the HP System Health Scan in Windows XP</A>
Info on enabling devices, for your reference.
<A HREF="">About Changing Printer (Parallel), Communication (COM) or (Serial) Ports and <b>Enabling or Disabling Devices in Windows XP</b></A>
You can download manuals here. <br>
<A HREF="">HP Pavilion dv6125se Notebook PC: Manuals</A>
More reference for you. <br>
">FAQs HP Pavilion dv6125se Notebook PC</A>
">HP Pavilion dv6125se Notebook PC Main Support Page</A>

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More info: If that light is amber, wireless isn't even on.

by seanferd In reply to well

Networking possibilities:
>>Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet local area network (LAN) network interface card (NIC) with RJ-45 jack.
>>Integrated wireless support for Mini Card IEEE 802.11b and 802.11b/g WLAN device.
>>Support for ExpressCard (external plug-in card, could be a wireless card if you have one in the slot.)

802.11a/b/g WLAN Mini Card would be your wireless card, if internal.

If the wireless is on an expansion card, make sure it is pushed all the way in.

>>Wireless switch Turns the wireless feature on or off, but does not create a wireless
connection. (A wireless network must be set up to establish a wireless connection.)
>>Wireless light
>Blue: An integrated wireless device, such
as a wireless local area network (LAN) device and/or a Bluetooth? device, is turned on.
>Amber: All wireless devices are turned off.

Make sure Wireless is enabled in BIOS. If you need help with this download the Maintenance and Service Guide from the Manuals page. This manual also includes a troubleshooting flow-chart: No Network Connection. If you use this chart: before you start getting ideas about actually replacing things, talk to HP, especially if the system is under warranty. Report the computer serial number to HP when requesting information.

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