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N O hours until the TR Gathering - What are you waiting for?

By jdclyde ·
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Edit - as the first event is actually the tour of TR HQ at 10 am, I am amending the time! Besides, that gets it below 24 faster! ;\

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My understanding is, the first official event starts at 2 pm, Friday afternoon, so that is what I am going by, not the time people will start showing up or some kind of Boxie Math.

Make sure you check into the new playlist for your road trip.

Friday Night Music - 19 June 2009 - TR Gathering Road Trip

I am starting to make my packing checklist today, so I can make sure I don't forget anything. My intention is to have the car loaded and ready to go Wednesday night, so after work on Thursday I can see my boys for a bit, take a quick nap, and then get on the road to meet up with James and Christie.

bathroom kit (gotta brush your hair and comb your teeth, right? (CHECK!)
laptop (CHECK!)
cards (just in case)
mp3 player/headphones (CHECK!)
redbull (CHECK!)
jager (CHECK!)
disposable shot glasses (CHECK!)

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How about...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Anyone play "nuts"?

How about that card game that is also a fetish... That one is fun. I bet if I posted the name it would get blocked/edited ]:)

Hint: it rhymes with drat...

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I'll take the four you missed

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Love cribbage...
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by Shellbot In reply to Hey, you forgot

haven't played cribbage in years..not big in ireland

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Psst, Palmie

by Tig2 In reply to Hey, you forgot

JD prefers show tunes...

I live in Minnesota. Cribbage is a required skill.

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Pinochle. Double deck.

by NickNielsen In reply to Hey, you forgot

Used to play every night I worked and most of the nights I didn't, but haven't played in decades.

The only game I play any more is electronic Yahtzee. I keep the game on the shelf in the bathroom...

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by Jellimonsta In reply to N O hours until the TR Ga ...

I am not sure what my list will entail being as the wife and kids are coming too. :0

I know I will be bringing a laptop and MP3 player, but I have been considering bringing the bike and acoustic too.
My wife will make a list for things that <i>need</i> to go.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Hmm...

Lists! Don't know how to deal with lists and list makers, can't fathom the desire for such structure that seems to remove all the fun of exploration.

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Does this mean

by santeewelding In reply to ACK!

You're coming naked, hair uncombed, and up for grabs?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Does this mean

Sorry, that would still be an offer I COULD refuse!

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by jdclyde In reply to Does this mean

he is all yours....... :0

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