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Sorry, had to take down this post for personal reasons. Thanks for your comments

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Well ...

by stargazerr In reply to What's with this namaste ...

Namaste is the word that means Hello in Hindi ... Hindi is the national language of India but there are more than 3 dozen languages in all ...

Gosh, I need to buy you guys some GK books ....


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Explaining another joke

by M_a_r_k In reply to Well ...

Uh...what in the world is a GK book?

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by Old Guy In reply to Explaining another joke

Man, am I glad you keep asking these questions so I don't have to. (You know, I have to keep up the appearances of wisdom with age :) )

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General Knowledge

by stargazerr In reply to Explaining another joke

Is it only in India that we use the short cut, or do you really really need that book?


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As always, there are two sides

by amcol In reply to Names

I have several Sri Lankan colleagues, a country known for multisyllabic names. I'm the only one in my organization who has taken the time and trouble to learn the correct pronunciations, which are not easy considering the dipthongs.

Since I work in the international foreign aid community I'm exposed to many different names from many different countries. I always make it a point to learn the correct pronunciations. Your name is your identity, and I show you respect by making an effort to learn how to say it.

On the other hand...people who have long, difficult to pronounce names should also recognize that in the case of voicemail they may not be too readily understood. As a matter of fact, unless your name is Smith or Jones we all have this problem. I always make it a point to spell my name, which only has six letters in it. I find that helps avoid any confusion.

While I'm at it...ever notice how some people rattle off their phone numbers at light speed in their voicemails? Sorry, I don't write that fast, and I find myself replaying the message three or four times to make sure I've got it right. Mumbling your name and/or number is another one of my favorite things.

It's a two way street, folks. As in most things.

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Other people's names

by Old Guy In reply to As always, there are two ...

You are definitely right on the "your name is your identity." We don't really have a whole lot that is strickly and uniquely our very own. I, too think it's important to try to pronounce or to learn how someone's name. Usually, if I see the name then I will try to pronounce and then ask, "now, how do you really say it?" and most people are happy to explain.

It definitely shows others respect.

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Hey I thought ...

by stargazerr In reply to Other people's names

you werent going to be around today??


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by Old Guy In reply to Hey I thought ...

I leave at noon CST. I'll be back from Mississippi on Monday and will be on and off the TR while I'm off.

BTW what does Namaste mean?

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You must be gone by now ...

by stargazerr In reply to Today

but namaste means hello ... it is how we greet someone ... lay your palms flat against each other and say namaste


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by jdclyde In reply to You must be gone by now . ...

is it pronounced NAM est e, NAE Mast, Na MAst e?

Another problem with globalization. Different rules for grammar and pronouncing.

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