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I need help, I have two routers each is configured with 8 VLANs, I need to get the routers and VLANs to communicate using NAT. Any Ideals?


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by CG IT In reply to NAT and VLANS

is your question, you want hosts on one subnet[members of different VLANs] to communicate via a WAN link with hosts [in different VLANs ]on a different subnet?

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by kevin.livingston.ctc In reply to NAT?

We have about 6 class rooms that are all stand alone networks. They are configured almost the same. They have common IP subnets and hosts and hostnames (Overlapping). That?s why we are trying to NAT/PAT. Each classroom has a Cisco layer 2 switches and a 2600 series router IOS 12.1 or higher with sub interfaces configured for VLANs. Basically we want to put a DNS/Exchange/File server into the admin network space, and interconnect all the classrooms so that they can see the one server and allow us to centrally administrate (telnet, TFTP) all devices. We also want to place a simulation feed into the same network space to provide simulation multicast from one central point to all the classrooms.


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easy enough

by CG IT In reply to Nat

for interVLAN communications, you need trunking between the switches and routers.

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by kevin.livingston.ctc In reply to easy enough

We all ready have trunking between the layor 2 swithes and routers in the classroom. I need the classroom to beable to sent traffic to a DNS and receive traffic back.

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if your VLANs are trunked

by CG IT In reply to NAT

then there's no reason why traffic to your DNS server on another VLAN can't pass. Unless the layer 3 device's interface isn't configured properly to all the traffic to the other VLAN

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