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By Robert Young ·
My company runs a small NT4 based network. The standard IPs are in the range 192.168.42.* however, it has been necessary to add a 2nd NIC into the server and assign it an IP in the range 57.52.75.* to allow some workstations to access an external network. The w/s in question have also been assigned IPs in this 2nd range. The reason behind the 2nd NIC idea was to allow them to see the mail server which resides on the server in question also. NOW! When these workstations are assigned their IPs(Static) they can easily see each other, the server, teh external network required and the mail server. (LMHosts file used to point w/s to server) Unfortunately, they are unable to see the ISDN router (Cisco 760) for the company Internet access. The router has an address of and all clients on the 192 network can access it no problem. On the client machines on the 57 network, the default gateway MUST be set to to point to the router to communicate with the external network. This is obviously the problem when they attempt to access www. Can anyone please provide me with a solution (other than sticking in a 2nd NIC into each client)? We simply don't have enough floor points to accomodate the extra cabling which would come with this solution. I would appreciate any detailed solution (i.e a TOTAL IDIOTS GUIDE!!).
There are some BIG POINTS to be had.
Many Thanks....
B Young

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