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Need a mentor

By Namco ·
I've been in IT for about 2 years, and up until last month have always had someone within the workplace above me that I can talk to about the job, projects, difficulties etc.

For the first time I am now without this, and suddenly feel the responsibilities of my job (IT manager) are simply not understood by anyone above me in the organisation. This is making my job extremely stressful, as I feel the IT systems within my organisation are a huge burden on me personally. Servers and software have become the bane of my existence as the potential disruption that would be caused by any downtime is always on my mind.

I wonder if anyone else feels that IT management is a stressful, lonely, misunderstood existence withing an organisation?

Maybe i'm just not cut out for the role? Or maybe it's the same for all departmental managers - does the FD know the difficulties of being a Sales manager? I doubt it.

This brings me to the idea of mentoring. I've actually been a mentor before, and am currently training a technician and find it extremely rewarding, but I still need a mentor myself, or at least someone I can openly and honestly discuss my role with within the organisation.

Anyone else felt this need? how did you cope?


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it is kinda lonely at the top

by frostbite In reply to Need a mentor

I think more and more it is becoming clear that the role of the IT professional is not just technical but really more into understanding how to help other people as you climb the ladder.

The faster your department gets the reputation as providing solutions to other departments, the easier life becomes for you.

Take care not to get stuck in infinite ?requirements gathering? mode though as that is often seen as a time waster. Strive to get mini-wins and slowly get into bigger projects.

Find people you can relate to in chunks of your interest. For example the HR manager for handling personnel, the Finance manager for budgeting. In addition to learning about their organizations, their processes you can potentially find ways to provide improvements to their departments as well.

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