Need Admin access from User account

By ThE l\/luStA ·
alright whats up people, i work for a big company and on all of the computers we use they have all this admin restrictions for everything you try to do. cant even make a new folder without it giving an error. all i want to do is download msn messenger so work isnt so boring but i can unless i can access admin rights. is there anyway this can be done easily. i looked up some info on it and i know there are some programs you have to download then burn to a cd and run it from shutdown but i dont want to go through all that hassel if possible. any help anyone?

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by ThE l\/luStA In reply to buddy

gatekeeper thanks so much man thats all i needed. i cant believe mr GO AWAY couldnt do something so simple thanks bro

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by shhite In reply to hey

The reason no one else suggested web messenger is your attitude sucks. You are odviously not happy with your job and you were trying to get around the system.

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haha what?

by ThE l\/luStA In reply to Reason

where did you come up with that one? not happy with my job? are you serious? show me YOUR REASONING for saying what you just said, im waiting? did i ever come off i didnt like my job, anything close to it? that was the most adsurd thing i have seen. make a fool out of yourself more please. i already got my help so go and waste someone elses time.

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Umm, how about how boring it is

by w2ktechman In reply to Reason

DumbA$$ -- you dont even know what you wrote, what a Sh!t for Brains you are.
Now go away loser!!!

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Grow Up

by cmiller5400 In reply to hey

IT'S NOT A QUESTION OF A SIMPLE ANSWER, YOU ARE VIOLATING COMPANY POLICY. I hope they fire you for doing that; I know I would.

I don't need any meds, I am perfectly normal and healthy. I just don't like people who try to circumvent any security policies put in place, they are there for a reason.

You stated yourself that you were leaving so I don't know why you are so upset?

Also, I could have given you the information you needed, but it would have been unethical. Unlike you, I have ethics.

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Because loser

by jimmy-jam In reply to hey

A good network admin is not going to tell you how to bypass security. I'm glad you were able to get what you need because if your IT staff was smart enough to lock down the desktop then they are likely smart enough to monitor network traffic.

Good luck finding a new job jagoff

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Yes a$$clown, you DID come to the wrong place

by jdclyde In reply to mmk

We do NOT assist fukwits such as yourself, to get around security and company policy.

Bugger off.

I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course.

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Simple question

by w2ktechman In reply to mmk

up to this point (as far as I have read) you still dont get it do ya!
Are you STUPID or something?
Look, even if you do install it, it likely wont work anyway, if the administrator(s) have blocked the ports for it!
If you need the application -- go through the proper channels. If it is not needed for work, DO YOUR F**CKING WORK and stop being one of those SH!TA$$ employees that make the stats in favor of offshoring.
F**king dumba$$

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Point, set, match....

by jdclyde In reply to Simple question

A little colorful, but gets the point across very well.

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I'm afraid not

by Bizzo In reply to Need Admin access from Us ...

If your company has those restrictions in place then I'm afraid there's no way round it.

All you can do is contact your administrator and ask them to install msn messenger for you.

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