Need Admin access from User account

By ThE l\/luStA ·
alright whats up people, i work for a big company and on all of the computers we use they have all this admin restrictions for everything you try to do. cant even make a new folder without it giving an error. all i want to do is download msn messenger so work isnt so boring but i can unless i can access admin rights. is there anyway this can be done easily. i looked up some info on it and i know there are some programs you have to download then burn to a cd and run it from shutdown but i dont want to go through all that hassel if possible. any help anyone?

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You should do this!

by LarryD4 In reply to Need Admin access from Us ...

The Musta is in need of support!

Go Smack the Monkey!

It solves all issues!

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by jdclyde In reply to You should do this!

I am good at spanking the monkey....

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cool down folks it is just a misunderstanding

by Gate keeper In reply to Need Admin access from Us ...

from what i understand the only reason the man is looking for admin access is just so he can use msn ... if that is the case then provide him with a way to use msn without the need for admin access i.e "educate" wich is the entire reason this Question part of the forum exists .... if after that he still insists he needs help circumventing admin ... then give him **** but now most of you guys are jumping the gun.

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NO We are NOT jumping the gun...

by cmiller5400 In reply to cool down folks it is jus ...

He is trying to circumvent a policy that was put in place to deny using MSN Messenger. It is crystal clear on what he is doing and it is against company policy.

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After you work in the field for a while

by jdclyde In reply to cool down folks it is jus ...

you will understand.

There are rules in place for a reason.

If his boss WANTED him to IM instead of work, it would be installed.

As an employee, you have NO business installing so much as a screen saver on a company system without approval.

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I don't think it's a misunderstanding........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to cool down folks it is jus ...

The original question also stated s/he worked for a COMPANY which has things locked down so tight that s/he can not install anything without admin rights. THAT is the reason nobody will help him/her. We, meaning the members of TR, do NOT help ANYONE circumvent a company's security policy, period.

S/He needs to approach management of the company s/he works for and ask permission to do what s/he wants, NOT ask us for help. If the company grants permission, s/he's home free. They'll probably even help. If they don't give him/her permission..... well, s/he won't find any help here, period.


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by Shellbot In reply to cool down folks it is jus ...

if he wanted to bypass the .exe blocker so he could download/install a game on his WORK machine to make "work less boring"??

He has a simple request, but it involves circumventing his IT policy.

But heck..its only messenger right..i'm sure he has no work to do i'm sure his boss will be ok with him breaking the rules and us tellin ghim how to do so..

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And as we all know [edit]

by Dumphrey In reply to and..

its impossible to get any kind of virus from an IM client which could put company data and property at risk....

Yeah, and monkeys can fly while JD spanks them.

Hmmm, this should be one level up (or left visually) in the thread. Sorry.

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and...., and.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to cool down folks it is jus ...

Gate Keeper, if you truly believe that it's our job to help someone circumvent company policy, then you're in the wrong business and frequenting the wrong forum. Lan Administrator? Yeah right!. I can't believe you would even entertain the idea of providing any kind of help in this matter. Where is your head?

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People with no work ethic

by jdclyde In reply to and...., and.....

tend to stand up for each other.

Clearly, neither of them have a sense of work ethic.

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