Need Admin access from User account

By ThE l\/luStA ·
alright whats up people, i work for a big company and on all of the computers we use they have all this admin restrictions for everything you try to do. cant even make a new folder without it giving an error. all i want to do is download msn messenger so work isnt so boring but i can unless i can access admin rights. is there anyway this can be done easily. i looked up some info on it and i know there are some programs you have to download then burn to a cd and run it from shutdown but i dont want to go through all that hassel if possible. any help anyone?

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to People with no work ethic

.... not to mention professional ethics.

Network Admin? Ha! Sounds more like this is a new nic for the 13-year old who controls his "home network" and wants to be able to monitor his older sister's personal "activities". Neither know anything about ethics.


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by shhite In reply to Agreed.............

You guys are awesome.

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Nice job showing your inexperience

by LarryD4 In reply to cool down folks it is jus ...

Come on, TR gets a lot of good relevant questions and then some pretty obvious attempts(posts) at finding exploits on various systems.

The guy has an attitude and was attracting these types of reponses from his own reponse.

Why does it seem that all the posts asking how to get around security comes from new memebers on a remote island??

ThE l\/luStA
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very mature

by Gate keeper In reply to cool down folks it is jus ...

you guys seem like someone who read about "Network Administration" or Best practices for network admin and doesn't really have that much experience.. I'll let you in on a lil secret son ... it is sometimes counter-productive to be so **** about IT policies.

The policies have been put in place to ensure the most secure,productive use of the IT infrastructure. before you start putting words in my mouth I don't advise you or anybody else do it.

If you read what I wrote I do not condone circumventing security policy but, when faced with a problem it is better to ask the user what it is they are trying to accomplish and most likely you the 'IT guy' know a better more safe way to do it.instead of assuming all users are imbeciles or maliciously trying to bring down the network.

A wise man once said "Never attribute to malice, that which can be explained away by ignorance" I have found this lil gem to be true too many times.

Personally On the network I admin I grant 'local admin' privileges to the users I trust and who know better than to download malware (currently 3 out of 120) etc. I have alot of discretionary power in my role and one thing i have learned is not to be too haste to make judgments.there is a trade-off involved; my guys will not be bothered with the trivial stuff and the user gets 'local admin' as long as he/she does not abuse it.

If you want to have a debate about how strictly IT policies should be enforced then lets do that .. but I don't have the patience for a pissing contest; if its the alphabet soup after my name that you are interested in, I'm not going to **** my own horn ..... but i have almost used up the English alphabet

The only reason I have responded in length to you is, that while you both come off as complete @ssh0les, you most have some positive input here, judging by the thumbs up you have accumulated. (that is a compliment by the way )

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But it is not your call on anothers network

by The Scummy One In reply to very mature

Some networks are restricted FOR GOOD REASON, while others are about being more '****' sometimes.
So, what if this guy is sitting on a banks machine, and when nobody is in line, he goes off to chat, and gets a virus?
What about at a credit card company while taking applications??
Just because some places are more restrictive without good reason DOES NOT mean that all are. Apparently you are not smart enough to understand the concept, AND to understand why we do/did not help.
Personally, I think IF you are a netadmin, you are not a very good one, or are at a company that can survive from problems such as this. But not all follow your procedures, nor should!

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Point taken

by Gate keeper In reply to But it is not your call o ...

your's senior scummy is a valid point ... while my original reply would be good enough for my users that is not necessarily the case for every network.

as to how good I am, it got me where I am today .. so i cant complain.

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"So, you're the computer god around here"

by jdclyde In reply to Point taken

my reply is "everyone else here thinks I am, so they keep me around".


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A thought for you Gate Keeper

by jdclyde In reply to very mature

If someone NEEDS to make changes to their WORK pc, they should ALWAYS check with the IT department first.

Should someone give your untrustworthy users a work-around that gives them local admin access?

If it IS a work related package, do you really think that IT would not work with him on this? He came to us because he knows it is something he is NOT suppose to be doing.

Has nothing to do with malice and everything to do with chain of command. I would respect yours, why wouldn't you respect mine?

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I don't understand all the negative re-action.

by 1bn0 In reply to Need Admin access from Us ...

Subverting the admin password is easy.

Just provide the e-mail address of one of your system administrators.

With that we can make sure you do not have any further issues trying to install software on your company computer.

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Hmmm-- Missed 1 step

by The Scummy One In reply to I don't understand all th ...

also to provide his own email address!

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