Need Admin access from User account

By ThE l\/luStA ·
alright whats up people, i work for a big company and on all of the computers we use they have all this admin restrictions for everything you try to do. cant even make a new folder without it giving an error. all i want to do is download msn messenger so work isnt so boring but i can unless i can access admin rights. is there anyway this can be done easily. i looked up some info on it and i know there are some programs you have to download then burn to a cd and run it from shutdown but i dont want to go through all that hassel if possible. any help anyone?

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Yes, but only a perfect idiot would fall for that and

by 1bn0 In reply to Hmmm-- Missed 1 step

...nobodys perfect.

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RE : ...nobodys perfect.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes, but only a perfect i ...

Speak for yourself as I'm PERFECT.

I know because I read it on the Internet once and I also Perform Miracles Immediately the Impossible takes slightly longer and for Comic Relief I walk on Water on the Week End well the Weekends that I'm not working at least. :0

While I will accept that No End User is the Perfect Idiot this one at least comes close posting a Cracking Question on a IT Professional Web Site and then complaining when we don't tell it how to Crack the System. Seems pretty close to a Perfect Idiot to me at least.

Col ]:)

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Perfect means Impposible miracles on demand.

by 1bn0 In reply to RE : [i]...nobodys perfec ...

I only promise the impossible will be accomplished within 2 years.

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RE : Perfect means Impossible miracles on demand.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Perfect means Impposible ...

I do this daily well most days at least.

Then I have to spend 3 weeks explaining why it works the way it does. :0


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Boy! Isn't THAT the truth?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to RE : [i]Perfect means Imp ...

Don't you find it funny that, after you've fixed something, users will always ask you WHY (not HOW) that particular "something" happened and you know, given their level of comprehension, they would never be able to understand it even IF you knew the answer?

I often explain it to them by saying something like "Well, if you had not done this, then that would not have happened." Then they ask, "How did you know that I had done this? I don't remember doing it, but I must have. How did you know to look there?" I just tell them I'm psychic!


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Get your own computer and take it to work. :)

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by jdclyde In reply to Get your own computer and ...

a big no-no in most companies.... especially if he goes to plug it into the company network.

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Easy Solution to downloading MSN

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need Admin access from Us ...

Buy the place out and when you own it you can set IT Policy or at least listen to the IT Professionals as to why this Is Not Allowed.

By doing things like this you are stealing from your Employer and are a Thief. As a Thief you deserve to be placed in Jail for ever as you are unrepentant in your Activities and consider this your Due Right to do as you please.

If the Boss or IT wanted you to use MSN it would be installed on your workstation and be open for all to abuse and not only Steal Company Bandwidth but the Companies Time as well by you not doing your job and slacking off playing around wasting time.

Work isn't supposed to be all fun and games it is called work for a very good reason because you trade your Skill and Time in return for Money. But if you really want to persist in your life of Crime approach your Boss and ask for MSN to be loaded on your workstation and in return you will accept a 95% Pay Cut as that is what it will cost to support just you with a massive hole in the IT Security's System.

Better of quitting now and stop wasting your employers Time and Money and find a job that you can do like watching the grass grow in the Sahara Desert.

You've most defiantly come to the wrong place to ask for assistance to commit a Crime as all here are Professionals who are employed to Secure Systems like this not Crack Them for Fun. Go to a Crackers Site and hopefully the Filters where you are supposed to be working will pickup your activity and they will remove you without any warning or pay for Attempted Pilfering. Personally if it was up to me I would Torture you for long periods of time with a Ant Hill and lots of sticky Liquid in the middle of summer, to teach you the error of your ways and at the very least drum in some Common Sense into what passes as a brain that you seem to think you posses.

If you want Technical Help with something then everyone here would most likely help you out but to commit a Criminal Act your on your own as we like what we do and will not stand for Crackers.


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Wow! -- Jailed forever :0

by The Scummy One In reply to Easy Solution to download ...

I thought you were 'perfect' :0
What a harsh sentence for this loser. What would be more appropriate would be for this loser just to **** his head off or something

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But I am Perfect

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wow! -- Jailed forever : ...

A Life Sentence isn't harsh when there is no repentance for their Criminal Antisocial Activity. I think that it would be far worse to allow this Idiot to mix with Society as they are far more likely to Pollute the Gene Pool with others who think that they have a right to do as they please while on others Time and Equipment.

In a Single Sex Jail there would be no chance of this one polluting the Gene Pool.


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