Need advice..30 yr old female switching over to IT it too late?

By ash-post ·
I'm looking at moving into an IT career (network/system administration) and need some advices on whether this would be a wise decision.

I have been working in the media industry for a number of years as TV assistant editor, video editor and new media technical operator.

Would it be too late at the age of 30 to switch career especially if I don't have any working history in the IT industry, although I've had plenty of experiences with computers at my current job - hardware/software installation, setting up office networks, troubleshooting tech issues - I'm sort of the unofficial tech person at work.

And also being female, what are the chances of getting a job in IT? I have a B.A degree and would be looking at getting the required IT certification.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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I think

by DaveDXB In reply to Need advice..30 yr old fe ...

To start doing anything is never to late.

But the truth is...IT industry doesnt really bring in big money such as other industries. Plus in IT, there are so many Gurus out there who you will have to compete with.

IT is like being a mathmatician...lot of effort and work invovled...but in the end...ur just a teacher in high dont make money like a business man...

The **** with IT...dont go for it.

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wow Dave..

by Shellbot In reply to I think

sorry mate, but thats one sh1tty outlook on things..

doesn't bring in as much money? totally depends on what you do and where you are.

IT support generally pays feck all unless your the manager..but how about a Senior Developer..pretty good money for that in my world.

too many guru's? the IT world needs regular people as well..if you want to become a hard at it and you will..learn the new stuff..AJAX is the buzz right now..find the next new buzz and learn it..

"IT is like being a mathmatician...lot of effort and work invovled...but in the end...ur just a teacher in high dont make money like a business man"
Any decent job is a lot of effort and hard work you want a paycheck for doing nothing?
high shcool teacher?? what exact job are you doing?
money like a business man?
what?? My husband is a developer and makes more than a lot of business men we know..

maybe you need to re-evaluate what your doing and where your going. its one thing for you to be unhappy, but don't discourage people who are looking to get into the game because you're having a rough time of it..

how do you know Ash won't learn her stuff, get a great job and be happy with it? Or maybe when she's got 20 years experience in it she won't invent some new great thing in networking?

I hope you cheer up mate :) Its not all that bad :)

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your definitly not seeing the BIG picture here?

by DaveDXB In reply to wow Dave..

Dont u read the news my friend....dont make me say it out loud WORD for outsourcing is becoming the answer now... TO make what im saying short...

Call microsoft or cisco or linksys or any big time IT company...and see who pics up the them were they are located lool...

This is the TOP NOTCH support you get.

All the smaller companies are HARDLY making it competing with the big guys...IT is becoming aaaaaaaaaaaaaall about outsourcing...and most of the companies outsour..a.h.what the heck..i see u in 25 years and let you know what happens. :)

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by Wizard-09 In reply to your definitly not seeing ...

Yes they maybe outsourcing the job's, but i think your talking about call center I.T support, and let's face it all you have to do is read from a script and have the answers to many questions on the data-base.

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It depends on where you are

by jdclyde In reply to wow Dave..

I know several unemployed techs right now, but that is just how Michigan is right now.

Check out the local markets for postings for tech jobs.

Keep in mind that many techs get hired in as help desk for your entry level, and can take years before getting to actually do the Admin jobs.

I personally welcome people to the field, but don't see a rosy future in it.

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Re: Wow Dave - I agree with Shellbot

by too_old In reply to wow Dave..

I am having a hard time finding a IT job mainly because I am over 50 and perceived as not being able to do what I am interviewing for or it would take them too much time to bring me up to speed or just being old. Anyway, my point is one must understand the perceptions of the career to be chosen and realize it is a done deal if you do not match.

Please do not project your negative experiences onto someone else. We are all unique. Sometimes one can succeed at something that another cannot no matter how much they try.

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Location, Location, Location

by mtaylor619 In reply to wow Dave..

Opportunities in IT are astounding and remarkably stable IF YOU HAVE TALENT. You can be a generalist and live almost anywhere, but be aware that being a specialist may define where you live.
Also, get some training in IT from a decent school. It does not have to be MIT, in fact, probably best if it is not too ivy league. A solid technical school teaches the most common software in use, using the most commonly utilized devices. After you master that you can choose a specialty and make bigger money.
ALSO: Women in IT, big need. Not many of them out there and some customers really prefer a woman's persistance and innate customer service ability.

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Thanks for your advice, but I thought...

by ash-post In reply to I think

Thanks for your advice. It's exactly what I need in order to make an informed decisions.

I understand that it would be quite competitive with, like what you said "so many Gurus out there" and I know it would involve hard work and long hours.

But I've always thought the average salary in IT was quite high so I'm surprise to hear you say IT doesn't bring in big money.

At the moment I'm on $45K per year (australian dollars) which is about US$39K. I'd be happy to earn around $60K, thats about US$53K. Can I expect to earn this type of salary after working in IT for, say about 2-3 years as Network or Systems Support/Administrator? I've been looking at job advertisements and they're paying up to $80K (US$70K), of course this is probably more for 3rd level support.

Another reason I want to move into IT is for job security. The IT job market looks more promising than the media/entertainment industry. With the right qualifications, I think it would be easier to find work in IT compared to finding work in film/television/video.

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Im not sure if thats what u call money

by DaveDXB In reply to Thanks for your advice, b ...

Taking into account i currently live in a coutry that is the hub of cash flow.

I work for a company in Oil trading, Real Estate...

Lets not get itno numbers here....What i meant was....maybe if you put urself in the RIGHT business atmosphere (marketing, trading) You'll be urning up to 5 times the numbers u mentioned earlier...

But of course...this all depends on what YOU want out of ur life...for me...all i see right now is a joke in IT. I wish i was a guru in busienss or marketing like these guys in my office.,...

I HARDLY see an IT guy owning his own jet airplane....6 cars...etc...pls point out an IT guy who has that kind of life (besides Bill Gates)

THATS what i meant...i just want the best for you....and IT is not truely the kind of choice to puyt on the BEST list...keep it for last.

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eh well..depends

by Shellbot In reply to Thanks for your advice, b ...

well..depending on the state of the market there at the time..its going to take a while to climb the ladder..80K..i would expect you'd be wanting about 7-10 years of highly technical experience for that. and only a very large organisation would be paying that kind of money i'd say.

again, depending on will take you a couple years to hit 45K..

the average salary in IT varies..its a huge area girl..the big money is where there is not enough staff..system/network admins..a good few of those around..trick is to be better than the rest..
all depends on whats "hot"..and whats hot today is not hot next year..for example, in ireland 5 years ago anyone who could program Java was a god and got paid accordingly. now..unless your very good at it..most places don't pay a lot for it at all..

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