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Need all opinions regarding IT Recruiter

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Over the past year of unemployment I have interviewed with IT recruiters who have no computer or technology experience; and these are the people making the choice for my chances at a position?
It has been frustrating for me, a certified and experienced technician, to have to submit to the judgment of these paper pushing Management B.A.'s

To that end, I am collecting stories from fellow unemployed or contracted IT workers like myself with horror stories about IT recruiters or recruiting. I hope to compile them into an article that might serve to shed some light on the topic and also help others vent their frustrations.

Please send stories to:
If I choose to use your story to compile into my article I will contact you via email.

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It's a Project! #4

by ghstinshll In reply to Need all opinions regardi ...

Here?s a list of the recruiters I?ve had the best relationships with over the years? I use them in the following order, though I?ve had great career ops with both of the first two. Technisource has been good in finding various positions, but never found me a perfect match. There are others, but these are the most-recognizable names, as well as the most trusted organizations I?ve used. Do what you will with them.

Robert Half Technology (
Tek-Systems (
Tecinisource (


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by Oz_Media In reply to Need all opinions regardi ...

Your statement says it all,
"a certified and experienced technician, to have to submit to the judgment of these paper pushing Management B.A.'s"

You are a Certified and experienced technician, they are just Paper pushing Management BA's.
FLIPWe are Certified Managers with a Bachelors Degree, he is just some keyboard clicking geek that wants big bucks.

I find that MOST guys that apply to me, are cetified, so what, and don't present ideas, solutions or a benefit for my hiring them. Just a list of "Look what I can do".

Nobody really cares if you went to school, earned a computer degree and simply sent them a list of qualifications, some people call these lists resumes, call the employer, state your case and what you WILL do for them to improve their business. If more techs took sales courses or learned how to present themselves and their skills, there would be a lot less discussions like this one. Yes, there are TONS of similar discussions about techs who are stunned and shunned by prospects.

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I have used alot of headhunters

by zlitocook In reply to Need all opinions regardi ...

Or recruiters over the years and do not respect any of them! They will tell the company that wants to hire you what they want to hear. And tell you about the job but not all you need to know. Like the job is 60 miles one way and they do not pay milage. Or that you have Unix experince but the company needs a guru to fix problems. The eight recruiters that I use most of the time are a hoot(joke). I have alot of good/bad stories. Like the free lunch and the last minute call at midnight.

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Need all opinions regarding IT Recruiter

by manmohan74 In reply to Need all opinions regardi ...


I do understand the plight consultants have to go through.

But how to you expect one technical recruiter in any company/staffing firm to know all the technologies. technology is an ocean, if recruiter knows all that technology why will hebe doing recruting he would have gone into technical line.

Recruiter even if they dont know, they just like to understand the skills of the consultant from what he projects on his resume and what he/she speaks. this helps them to fill up the companys lengthy consultant/appliant additional information which is obviously dosent appear on resume.

needless to when i was a recruiter, i had to request consultants which software skills they have used or know, which doesnt appear on resume yet apply for a position.

If any company selects the consultant/ staffing firm/recruiter helps to trace a job it doesnt mean they are good agency/recruiter they have found you to be the best in the number of applications that have come.

If we go on like this, this would be a never ending debate, its upto the consultant/ recruiter to understand their limits/skills/job profile and decide :)

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