need assistance to share internet connection over a peer to peer n/w

By sathish14_k ·
guys i want to share a DSL internet connection over a peer to peer network connected with a cross wired LAN cable the ADSL router is connected to a Pc in the two computer LAN via a USB interface. both systems use windows XP SP2. The router has a ethernet Port too.
guys please help in this.

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Get a router?

by daveo2000 In reply to need assistance to share ...

Is there any reason not to pick up a router (with built in hub/switch) for your network? Plug the DSL into the WAN side of the router and your computers into the LAN side. That way, assuming that you bought a new router, you will get a built in firewall as part of the bargain!

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Internet Connection Sharing

by Mr.Wiz In reply to need assistance to share ...

Setup internet connection sharing on the pc that is connected to the DSL modem. If you search help on your pc, it'll give you instructions. But a router is really the best way to go.

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OK this is possible though maybe not practical

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to need assistance to share ...

If you have a Gigabit LAN a crossover cable will not work all that well.

But what you need to do is setup the computer directly connected to the Modem through the Network Set Up Wizard and tell it that this computer connects directly to the Internet and that other computers connect through this computer. If you wish to share Files & Printers you need to enable this option and at the same time take a note of the name of the Workgroup that you are using. When you finish the Network Setup Wizard just click on End and allow it to shut down.

Then go to the other computer and run the Network Setup Wizard on that make sure to use the same Workgroup name and if you want to share files & printers enable Share Files & Printers then tell that computer that it connects to the Internet through another computer on the Network or a Residential Gateway and allow it to finish the setup. Again chose the Finish option and do not make a Floppy Disc as it's unnecessary.

You can now access the Internet through the Crossover cable on the second computer though you may be asked to reboot each system and if you want to share anything now is the time to setup the shares by selecting what you want to share right click on it and then chose the Share Option.

With Printers you not only need to share the Printer on the computer that it's connected to but you'll need to install the software on the other computer and then on the setup tell the installer that you are using a Network Printer and Browse the Network to find the printer and then when that is located and clicked on continue with the software setup.


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I gotta wonder...

by daveo2000 In reply to OK this is possible thoug ...

The question sounds like trying to do a perfectly simple process in a very complicated and round-about way.

I am curious why one would want to connect in this fashion. I am not saying that you shouldn't or couldn't, I would just like to understand why you would when routers are so cheap these days. Not to mention that you will probably have to jump through even more hoops if you ever want to add a third computer!

(Edited for typing error)

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I'm just guessing

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I gotta wonder...

But does IN stand for India? In those parts of the world some of what we consider as freely available and cheap are not quite so freely available or cheap particularly for a student who is attempting to do one of the higher Computer Courses.

Personally I hate Crossover Cables but that's me and the memory of 5 days wasted because an apprentice made up one out of the same cable as the normal CAT 5 Cable and didn't bother to tell me that he had changed a Lead. He actually insisted that he had changed nothing and about 25% on the LAN had suddenly disappeared without warning. Of course if I had of known what he had been doing when the thing stopped working it would have made the fault finding so much easier but in the end I was reduced to using a Cable Tester on every cable in the place. Naturally I didn't look at any of the Patch Cables between Switches as no one would have messed with those as they where all only about 5 inches long. So when out of desperation I checked the very first Patch Lead between Switches and found a Crossover Cable there when it should have been a straight through CAT 5 Cable I was them informed Yea I did change one of those.

Pity that the little SOD could run so fast as I was about to kill him for wasting all that time.


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Good points

by daveo2000 In reply to I'm just guessing

In the US of A, "IN" means Indiana. I went to undergraduate there at an engineering school that has a lot of Indian students. I didn't even look at the "city". As it turns out:,+IN&ie=UTF8&z=7&ll=13.090179,80.266113&spn=7.239755,13.73291&om=1

is a bit farther away from Purdue than I had thought.

As for the cables, unless you know somebody with a cable crimper, I think cheap routers are now less than the RJ-45 crimper that I bought. But, that is here around NYC which may have easier access to such things as you noted.

It is probably best that he could run so fast. I understand that, even way down under, it is still illegal to kill people most of the time (providing they don't work for M$).

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What makes you think that I wanted to kill him?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Good points

I was just going to nail him to a wall with a 24 inch long number 1 Phillips Blade Screwdriver under the ribs with his feet about 36 inches off the ground. Killing would have been way too fast for that little monster who was always as high as a Kite on Grass and I kept getting the blame for his stuff ups.

But you're totally correct a decent Crimping tool is a lot more expensive than lots of pre made cable but back in those days we had to carry the things. I'm not actually sure that I ever used one and I still have it along with hundreds of End Plugs for CAT 5 along with plastic Covers that I don't think have ever been opened unless I was giving away some of the things.

However before that I did one building and after that I swore that I would never make another CAT 5 Cable ever again and so far I haven't had the need. Though I do use the other tool to crimp a lot of cable into sockets mounted in walls and the like. But I HATE making CAT5 cable with a vengeance now so I don't.


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Since I don't "have" to, it is more of a pennance sort of thing :)

by daveo2000 In reply to What makes you think that ...

My job description (for what those are worth) has never included "network" anything so I have never "had" to make a cable.

I worked in a number of smaller shops (before this incredibly immense bank I am in now) and, being more senior than the young guys hired to do the hardware, often ended up pitching in to help get things set up properly. That, plus being too cheap to pay somebody else to cable my house (I still don't entirely trust wireless), I have gotten fairly good at making cables. I started years ago with the RJ-11 wiring so RJ-45 was just changing colors and adding another pair on either side.

I could make a sexual joke here but that might threaten my status as a current "Friday Yuk Pure One".

A couple of years ago I broke down and bought a cable tester (before cabling my current house) and my kids even asked to help. They are old enough to read and understand the labels on the tester and young enough to be entertained with the flashing lights.

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