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Need feedback: "People" page mock-up

By sMoRTy71 ·
OK, as promised, I am posting a mock-up of the upcoming page that will allow you find search and browse for member profiles. Basically, the page will show you a search interface (where you can find members by alias), a list of most-popular interests and technologies (where you can see all members who share that interest or technology), your full contacts list, a list of recently-update profiles and a list of the Top 10 members (with a link to the Top 100).

The "View all interests/technologies" links below the top interests/technologies section will take you to a page that displays all of the member-submitted interests, the number of members who share that interest and a checkbox to allow you to add many interests to your profile at one time.

The idea is to make it easier to find members to add to your Contacts and to find Interests and Technologies to add to your Profiles. A secondary goal of the page is to demonstrate that this is an active community with high-value members. Take a look and let me know what you all think:

We are tentatively calling this the "People" page; however, I am not sure that is the best name. I don't want to call it "Members" because that sounds like it is a member's only area. And I don't want to use "Directory" because that sounds like nothing more than a list of member names. Another idea, which I don't hate, is the name "Profiles."

So, in addition to giving us feedback on the page itself, I would love to hear ideas about the naming of the feature. People? Members? Profiles? Something else?

Let me know. Thanks,

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Well firstly I see that the top 100 is back

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Alright - 2 things

But I think you are implying that there is life outside IT!

That can not possibly be what you are saying is it?

We all know we live to work IT 24/7 and love it there is absolutely no room outside for anything not IT related even the family come a long way second to IT, but at least it is a good Birth Control option with from a lot of religious institutions prospective no adverse side effects. On the medical side however females who do not get enough are prone to depression and other related disorders. :)

Col ]:)

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I wish I did live in IT tonight!

by Oz_Media In reply to Well firstly I see that t ...

Damn Autralian horse racing was a farce tonight!

Had a really nice 99:1 come in for a huge payout but th exactor was split by a place horse. There seems to be no rules on the Australian tracks. The horse that placed literaaly ppushed the show horse about 8 feet off line when they collided and NO inquiry was called!? What kinda crap is that?

I would a landed just over 6 grand if they actually had racing rules in Australia.

If it was North America or UK it would have been an infraction and the horse that showed would have been bumped up to place.

Hong Kong racing isn't much better though.

And can you tell them that they are running in the wrong direction too! I tried yelling 'Inquiry' AND 'You're running the wrong way!' but they can't seem to hear me from Canada for some stupid reason.

Shoulda fixed someone's computer, I was too pissed off to handicap the rest of the night. Even though I did come out ahead it still pees me off when they let that crap go.

Oh well, tomorrow I have two cars to do so that'll **** some steam and give me a reason to shout and toss wrenches around. :)

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Now be fair OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I wish I did live in IT t ...

I'm informed that they do have rules here for horse racing but getting them enforced unless some injury occurs could be a bit of a problem.

I believe that they call things like you described as "Racing Incidents!" And let it go unless the jockey has a history of doing things like that or for that matter the horse as some of those things are a bit hard to control must be all of that training that they go through and underweight jockeys racing them when they have far heaver guys training them so the racing jockey just doesn't have enough weight to rein them in. At least when we race camels over here we do not buy children to ride them.

I learned a very long time ago that betting on horse racing is a Mugs Game and the only real winners are the Book Makers just like in any criminal activity it is always the Lawyers who get the money and for them at least Crime does pay.

Col ]:)

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