Need help finding older CPU

By jdclyde ·

The motherboard is a 945PL Neo, and above is a link to the supported CPU's that will drop into the board.

Was a learning experience that you have to check for more than the socket type. X-(

I need to find at least ONE CPU that will drop into this MB, and would even take used, but would get two if I can get my hands on it.

I am getting backup parts for a controller system that is used for running some industrial equipment, and the vendor will soak me about $7k for a system if it were to die (again).

I have gone through all of my normal vendors and turned up nothing.



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Something I didn't try before

by jdclyde In reply to More Details about board ...

I called MSI directly, and they are doing a search on the PCBv2.2.

Up to this point, I have just been trying to find a CPU to drop into the Ver1 MB, and have had zero luck.

Now, if I CAN still find a CPU that will go on the old MB, that would be ideal as I have two of these MB's. (for backup purposes).

Do you have a vendor that is good at tracking down older parts?

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StarMicro has the 5x1's

by IC-IT In reply to Something I didn't try be ...

from $46-$**.
I like to start at pricewatch; here is the CPU link;

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Bios version

by jdclyde In reply to StarMicro has the 5x1's

Is there a way to know which version of Bios is on this mb without firing it up? I don't see it anywhere....

My next concern is for the Ver1.0 MB, the CPU's say "Since 1.9". but I have no idea what ver I am dealing with.

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Yeh, that may be a tough one

by IC-IT In reply to Bios version

But the manual for V1.0 shows a 3.0 BIOS in Oct 05 and the specs state they are made for the 5xx series processors. Hopefully they shipped with at least V1.9 BIOS. I'd ring them back and see if there is a way to tell.
WAIT, open the case and see if that one has a sticker on the BIOS. I'll cross my fingers for you. :-)

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What the sticker says

by jdclyde In reply to Yeh, that may be a tough ...

copyright 1999

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JD don't mess around trying to find a CPU that may work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What the sticker says

Whip out the BIOS IC and replace it. BIOSMAN sells these for about $25.00 per IC + shipping so it's far simpler to just change the BIOS Chip with one that supports the newer CPU's.

I've used them for years for BIOS Chips for servers as it's easier to replace the BIOS Chip than run the risk of having a Flash go wrong and then the server is off line till a new BIOS Chip can be sourced.

That way you'll get support for the newest CPU's that are available and should be easy to source.

With this M'Board you'll need the Tool to pull the BIOS Chip which is a plastic thing that pulls the chip on diagonal corners. As this has a Surface Mount IC Socket on the Board you can not insert the IC the wrong way provided that you remember that the sticker on the IC goes away from the M'Board that is.

As for finding a suitable CPU ask Intel here they have a lot of CPU's that they still supply that are not common stock for most suppliers they can point you to a source for a specific CPU if you ask them for a source.


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That would "fix" a version 1.0 board?

by jdclyde In reply to What the sticker says

Going to have to give them a call.


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JD I don't know about fixing a Version 1 M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What the sticker says

As the chip Set may be different to a Version 1.1 or higher design or the layout may be different. But if it is just a BIOS Version Issue it will certainly fix the problem and be quite cheap as well.

While you can purchase the Surface Mount IC Extraction Tool anywhere or even use a small screwdriver to remove the IC for what BIOSMAn want for the extraction tool it would probably cost more in your Labor fees than to save a couple of $ than what it costs directly from them. And they all come at the same time so you don't run the risk of getting the extraction Tool Pilfered or otherwise broken.

As I do a lot of Electronic Work I already had all the IC Extraction Tools so this didn't apply to me but for the $10.00 or so that this place charges you are sure that you are getting the correct Tool for that M'Board.


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I sent them an email

by jdclyde In reply to What the sticker says

gave them all of my stats, of where I am now, and where I need to end up.

If they say yes, I will do this.

If not, I will resort to getting one of the celerons I saw on the pricewatch link from further up. The system is not processor intensive, so it really doesn't matter how fast it is.

Having the MB updated IS far more attractive for me though.

And yeah, the right tool for the job. Back when I was taking "digital circuits", I saw many a mangled circuit.... Besides, work is paying the $10, not me. B-)

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by Dr Dij In reply to Need help finding older C ...

recomp out here.
recycles working computers, tests them and sells them cheap.

I occasionally get replacements for a PIII system for an older video game that won't run on anything newer.

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