Need help finding older CPU

By jdclyde ·

The motherboard is a 945PL Neo, and above is a link to the supported CPU's that will drop into the board.

Was a learning experience that you have to check for more than the socket type. X-(

I need to find at least ONE CPU that will drop into this MB, and would even take used, but would get two if I can get my hands on it.

I am getting backup parts for a controller system that is used for running some industrial equipment, and the vendor will soak me about $7k for a system if it were to die (again).

I have gone through all of my normal vendors and turned up nothing.



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by TheChas In reply to Need help finding older C ...

Well, my "normal" preferred sources for older CPUs did not provide much this time.

The 2 CPUs that my friends at Compter Geeks have:

are listed as "Under Testing".

On the West side of the state, we have several firms that do computer recycling and sell parts. One is CompRenew. However, the last time I was in there, they no longer were selling pieces parts.

You might check and see what the local Goodwill main office does with the computer parts they take in.

A few years back when we had the regular traveling computer sales, there were several dealers from the Detroit / Ann Arbor area that had older and used parts.

Another option is resellers that focus on the industrial market. There is Industrial PC in Indiana that might have CPUs available. Also a firm in New York called Global American.

The last time I needed an old CPU, I had pretty good luck with a Google search.


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I found a CPU that will work

by jdclyde In reply to Need help finding older C ...

A rep from PCmall called and wanted my business.

I told him I had a test sale, and would see what he could do for me.

He had the CPU found the next day.

I have it, and the system now posts. It hangs during the boot process, but I can start looking at that tomorrow.

I have identical hardware as another system with a raid. I pulled one of the drives and replaced it with another drive, and rebuilt the raid.

I have that pulled drive in this system, and theoretically it should just work, right? Might need to boot to the raid controller and configure that though.

That, if I can't figure it out, will be a new question.

Thanks for everyones help.

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