Need help from the Outlook experts

By Sereniti ·
Because of my comptuer skills, I'm often tapped at my office for general IT support. I'm pretty much the IT staff, although my expertise is web stuff, not the fine points of email, particularly Outlook.

My boss has two mail accounts in Outlook, each from a different domain email and unrelated servers. He has recently begun suffering time-out errors while checking mail for both mailboxes.

We deleted and re-created the accounts, and when he clicks the "test settings" button after creating the accounts, everything flies through just fine. But when checking mail, both domains time out.

We have a firewall - a Cisco PIX - which I'm clueless as to how it's configured. We do have an outsourced IT guy I can access if this is a firewall issue.

Any ideas?

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Update of this issue

by Sereniti In reply to Need help from the Outloo ...

We ran MS Office's repair function on this computer, then deleted the accounts, closed Outlook, re-opened it and re-created the accounts. The "test settings" function in the account creation wizard still works flawlessly as it always has, but there are still some issues, although I believe the time-out issue has stopped.

The accounts are for the email addresses and Each domain is hosted at a different provider.

When Larry attempted to send a test message from one address to the other, it bounced with the following error message:

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

'' on 3/28/2007 12:54 PM
501 5.7.1 This system is not configured to relay mail from <> to <> for

What the heck does that mean? Could it be a firewall issue? Larry just informed me that besides the Cisco firewall on the network, he has a Windows firewall on his laptop, which is his primary computer.


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Whats going on

by Dumphrey In reply to Update of this issue

is that one "address" is set as Primary or default. When you tried to send out email it sent the mail the server with the wrong credentials, so the server says "You are not entitled to send email here Pal!" Even though, based on the other e-mail account you are. I would set up only one e-mail account in Outlook, then add a second Inbox after the main account is running. This can then be modified to allow "send as" permissions on the second account, but you may run into the permissions conflicts again with 2 accounts from 2 providers open in one Outlook version.

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Makes sense, except....

by Sereniti In reply to Whats going on

...that Larry has been running his Outlook with those two accounts for years that way. It just started acting up in the last couple of weeks.

How do you create "send as" permissions? Like I said, Outlook and email are not my strong points. I use them, but I don't much understand them - I'm a creative type. LOL

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Alot of email depends on the server settings.

by Dumphrey In reply to Makes sense, except....

If they made changes to either server and tightened down the relay aspect of their server, then he would get bounced if using the wrong credentials. I would start by assigning one account at first. If that sends and receives correctly, then add a second account. I assume both accounts are internet mail only? Or is either an exchange native? I would call both of his email providers, if it is a permissions issue from having both accounts open, and its caused by a change on their end, you may need their support. I would say they should provide you with some help.

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Thanks, will follow up as you suggest

by Sereniti In reply to Alot of email depends on ...

Thanks for the input. I'll follow up with the two providers. They're both Internet mail.

So it's probably not our firewall(s), huh? I'm glad - I have little clue about firewalls! :)

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Spam in Subjectline

by g.annilkumar In reply to Need help from the Outloo ...

I send message in , and through our office mail.but open these messages Subject Line as Spam in Microsoft Outlook. how to delete SPAM name in Subject line.Please help,

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