Need help sharing my evdo broadband connection over wireless

By lakeffect ·
I use a Verizon EVDO card in a pcmcia to pci adaptor in my XP desktop for internet access. I am looking to share this broadband connection thru my Netgear wgt624 router with a couple XPlaptops. I set up an NIC card with a fixed ip then configured the router to use that ip range and the fixed ip of the card as a gateway. I plugged the Cat5 cable from the NIC into the broadband port on the router but can't seem to get the connection to share. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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I've thought about this

by lang.georgw In reply to Need help sharing my evdo ...

I don't want to get your hopes up because I do not have a solution; but I've used EVDO web access from my Audiovox PPC6700 to access the internet and wanted to know the same thing you are searching for. You actually got firther than me w/ your use of a NIC for a gateway.

Good Luck!

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have you tried

by lustylipstick In reply to Need help sharing my evdo ...

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i had

by johnsnow In reply to Need help sharing my evdo ...

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by johnmcevoy In reply to Need help sharing my evdo ...

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should be possible...

by juan78729 In reply to you

I was thinkging of doing this in the car for a long trip I have coming up. You are on the right track but you should not connect the NIC to the WAN port. Just connect it to one of the other ports essentially using the Netgear as a switch. You may have to also disable DHCP since your second NIC will act as the DHCP server. Enable ICS on the Broadband dial-up adapter. I will give it a try tonight....

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Got it working....

by juan78729 In reply to should be possible...

Simple actually....disable DHCP on router and enable ICS on internet system. Now I can plug in the router to the A/C converter
adapter in my truck and have two notebooks with internet access in the car.

Router config:
1. Reset Linksys WRT54GS
2. Left all default settings including WAN port since it is not used
4. Only change was to disable DHCP

EVDO on notebook config:
1. Ensure you EVDO connection works
2. Via Network Connections manager, right-click on Broadband connection to select Internet Connection Sharing
4. Right-click on LAN connection to view Properies. TCP/IP settings should be set to static with subnet mask and no gateway

Physical connections:
1. Connect EVDO system to any switch ports 1 through not connect to WAN port

Enable wireless security:
1. On available system, set static IP to subnet mask (no gateway)
2. Open browser and type
3. enable WPA-PSK with TKIP or any preferred encryption method
4. Change temp static IP back to dynamic IP settings

Good luck....

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Excellent Post

by ebarb In reply to Got it working....

I was stuggling to get my setup working then I found your post. Quick & easy, now I'm working. Thanks so much!!

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Slight correction (?) to above

by kevin.boer In reply to Got it working....

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but thanks for this guide on sharing my EVDO connection!

One possible correction ...

You mentioned:
1. Connect EVDO system to any switch ports 1 through not connect to WAN port

In my case, that didn't work. What _did_ work was to connect to the WAN port.

There may be some other setting on my machine that made that happen, but if somebody else comes across this article and has trouble, try the above.

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Proffered Solution Not Workin

by kanirip In reply to Need help sharing my evdo ...


I tried the solution given by juan8769 but is not working. i have set up the router as stated i.e. disable my router as a dhcp server.( or was the instruction to disable the 'Get Address Automatically from ISP' option?)

I have also set my IP address of my Internet supplying machine to and also the parasite machine but I'm still not able to browse the internet with the parasite machine.

The only point of note (part from d fact this ain't working of course!) is that if I try to set up the parasite machine with the same IP as the host, windows complains and says that there is another machine on the network with the same IP.

But funnily enough I can't ping my host machine from the parasite and vice versa.

Please What could I be doing wrong?


I'm using a netgear router(Can't remember the particular version).

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Using Windows ICS

by lakeffect In reply to Proffered Solution Not Wo ...

I got it working by using ICS in Windows. Go into the dial up connection properties on the machine with the host connection. On the sharing tab click the check boxes to allow the connection to be shared. Click the other boxes if you want to allow the client machines to have the card dial up if the host isn't connected. Next go to the properties for the NIC. Make sure the tcpip setting are on "obtain address automatically". The cat5 cable needs to run from the NIC to one of the LAN ports on your router not the internet port. Go into the properties on your router and disable the DHCP server. make sure the client machines are also set up to obtaib their IP automatically. Reboot,dial-up, and everything should work. ICS on the host machine will assign the address to your NIC and an IP in the range of to your router and any clients attached to the network. You must allow Windows to set the IP.

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