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Need help with EFS encrypted files!

By thehebrew ·
So I have efs encyption on for my hard drive, then i reformatted. So ibacked up all my videos, music, and 10 years worth of family photos on my external hard drive. I reformat, get all my programs and everything together and then go to my external hard drive to get the files, AND THEY ARE STILL ENCRYPTED!!!!!! windows forgot to take the flippin' encryption off the files. I talk to microsoft and the guy on the phone freakin' tells me to find a good! I have searched ALL of the internet and have found that if i move the files to a hard drive that is formatted to FAT the files lose all encryption. But i can't move the dam files!!!! I have tried all the EFS recovery programs but they only get the original key and that drive has already been formatted. SOMEONE, FOR GOD SAKES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I have years and years of family photos and hundreds of dollars worth of music that i can't access. I can even see all the thumbnails to the pictures, MICROSOFT IS TAUNTING ME!!!!!!!

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Seemed like a god idea

by thehebrew In reply to Why did you use EFS in th ...

I don't really know, I was reading Maximum Pc and it had an article on it, and b/c i'm paranoid I thought it was awesome and turned it on........bad idea. I moved all the encrypted stuff onto my backup hard drive, and I wiped anything that would be considered illegal. Like I said before: It's just photos, music, and documents. But the photos date back 10 yrs. where some family was still alive and needless to say, the pictures can't be retaken.

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Why did you use EFS in th ...

Stop dwelling upon why he decided to use EFS and instead offer a solution to the problem. There is no sense in finger pointing after the fact that the problem already exists. You would make a fine IT manager in some lawfirm, where they waste more time looking for people to blame instead of working on a solution, regardless who was at fault.

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To help aviod future mistakes

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Why did the chicken cross ...

you need to understand the past motive.

To answer your question - a recent TV advert informs me that the answer is to get 'Quick & Cheap Car Insurance'.

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You need to first understand why EFS is so hard to crack

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Need help with EFS encryp ...

EFS uses public/private key cryptography to encrypt the files on your NTFS file system, which could be anything from 512 to 2048 bits. Without the private yet, your files are as good as locked forever. Trying to crack the encryption key is like trying to break into Fort Knox and getting out within 5 simply cannot be done in a quick and painless manner. When you decided to format your hard drive, you blew away the only means (the private key) by which to retrieve the encrypted files. Microsoft is not lying to you or taunting you, as they are telling you the truth about EFS , because as its name implies, it is an encrypted file system. If EFS was easy to crack, it would be pointless to implement EFS to encrypt files and nobody would be using it. Nevertheless, most people don't use it because of the problems they can encounter, such as in your situation. Regarding the method to move the encrypted files to a FAT formatted partition, that would work, but you still need to provide the private key to budge the files from their encrypted location on the NTFS volume, so the problem still exists. As others have stated, you will first need to recover the data on your hard drive that you blew away by formatting it, and then proceed to access the encrypted data with the recovered private key. Are you willing to spend that kind of money to do this, risking that your HD may be destroyed in the process? If not, I suggest you lick your wounds and accept the fact that you f****d up bigtime and there is no cheap recourse to this.

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by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to You need to first underst ...

That's totally correct. As I already told that there is no way you can recover your data in this situation from your HDD. Better you understand the situation and accept this fact. Afterall, memories are stored in your mind :) and no one can beat human mind, not even the computers of todays world. Get solace in some good times :) and chin up, okay!

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I Guess

by thehebrew In reply to Yes,

It has been about 6 months since this, so I have sorta dealt with it. The thing I find hilarious, is that when I called Microsoft and finally got to talk to a TI there, he told me to find a good hacker........Microsoft suggested that I find a hacker, great stuff.

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You know

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to I Guess

the guys who comprises of Microsoft are the ones from among us and they are no different to us except that they are bound or better say adaptable to deal with the situations for the solution they only know of. I don't think that whoever written the code for windows would let you digg it just for the sake of some important things meant for inviduals like you. After all, it's all of us who has to know this fact and keep our toolbox ready for any such problems before going to the manufacturer.

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But the funny thing here is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You know

That the Governments of the world insist that there is a way to crack the encryption so that they can read any encrypted e-mails sent through the Telecommunications network.

So there is a Back Door into the EFS provided by M$, but for fairly obvious reasons they don't want to tell us what the way in when we need it.


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I got an Idea

by durrsak_boy1 In reply to Need help with EFS encryp ...

now i need the help of someone because i dont know to much of progrmaming and things like that but i have the same problem of THEHEBREW .. so can anybody tell me where exately does the CERTIFICATES stores itselfs .. so if i use a FILE recovery what do i need to recover that has in itself the CERTIFICATE to open the encrypted files .. i read about some SAM files but i dont have any idea

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If I remember this thread right

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I got an Idea

What you are asking is how to backup the Encryption Key if that's your question the answer is here though you may have to dig around in the M$ Knowledge Base a bit


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