Need information about Wi Fi

By fayimh ·
Hi I am interested to make hot spot (108.11b/g)
upto 20 km to provide Internet and game server to my customer and i wanna know which devices does i need and how much should i have to invest

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if you

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For a 20 KM range you need several Towers and lots of

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need information about Wi ...

Expensive equipment.

It would be better if possible to lease the infrastructure off an existing Telco and then on sell the bandwidth to your clients at a profit.

You'll be unable to setup something like this cheaply and then you'll have the problem of unauthorised people logging on and using the system. Even the Big Telco's who provide Wireless Broadband don't offer this type of service in this part of the spectrum or on that RF Band.

So you would effectively have to setup from scratch and quite likely have your own transceiver equipment made and maintained. If that's what you are looking at doing in reality I would say you will need an Investment base of at least several Million UK Pounds and then the computer equipment as well as the necessary Government Permits to build your own Towers to relay the signal around your proposed coverage area.


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Thanks for your replay

by fayimh In reply to For a 20 KM range you nee ...

Can i lease the infrastructure of telco in india?
I am working in this it whitin 1 mounth and meet with Smart Bridge and multi link the told You have to invest about Rs. 10 Lacks for Wi fi within 20 km and Rs. 5 Lacks for WLan. actuly i am interested in ISP and i know where i have to go for Government Permits and bandwith. I wanna know how do that equipment and tower work?

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Well think of the way that a

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks for your replay

WiFi Access point works and multiply by a very large factor. Now there are several things that you need to look at from the Legal Side of things the first and most important is the amount of power that you are allowed to broadcast with. I don't know the laws where you are but the output is strictly limited in most areas of the world. So you would be looking at several Towers with Line of Sight to the receiver and then they whould have to be within the range of the WiFi that the Computers put out.

If you have the CDMA or Next G Phone Networks where you are either of these could be leased from a Telco much cheaper that the costs of setting up the hardware yourself but the down side is that neither of them work on the 802.11G Network so you would need some form of Interface to the computers that are part of your network. The Next G network uses USB Devices but the only ones that I've seen for the CDMA are PCMCIA Cards so that may rule that out where you are.

Really you need to look at what is currently available and you will need a much longer run in time to setup as a month will not be enough time to even get the most minor of Legals sorted out.

If you have to go with an 802.11G system you'll need quite a lot of towers as the Computer range is limited to 500 meters so it would probably be better to lease ADSL Phone lines from a Telco and then supply the WiFi Modems that you want and tie these in together over an ADSL Broadband network and that way you wouldn't have the small size area limit, so you could service a much larger area.

However even if you go this way the costs will still be high with the Telco wanting a large deposit so if you go broke they will not be out of pocket, you are going to have to buy your Modems in Bulk most likely from China as that seems to be the current source of most of these items and then look at Government Regulations.

It may be possible to have a Business Plan written up within a month but very little else and you need to confirm costs first before you can even consider the Business Plan.


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iPad2 WiFi trying to connect to AP that supports 802.11b only.

by landrypd In reply to Need information about Wi ...

It connects to the AP but does not get Internet access. Do you have any thoughts? Windows systems work fine. iPad2 is running IOS 5.1


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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to iPad2 WiFi trying to con ...

Try re-posting in the Q&A
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