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By Thumper1 ·
I am the NW Admin for two law firms, splitting my time between the two. One firm has 11 Attorneys. Presently, on a Novell 4.11 Server with GroupWise 5.2. The Accounting program is on a separate Windows 2000 server that run the accounting program only.
We are getting ready to replace the Novell servers with Windows 2003 servers, adding Exchange 2003 and seem to have a difference of opinion on server requirements:
I maintain that Exchange should be on a separate server. Client data and programs that run on the network should not be on the same server with exchange.
One of the Attorneys maintains that Exchange and client data will be fine on the same server. We have about 6G of sensitive client data that I do not want to risk.
I have always thought that Exchange belongs on a separate server. Who is right?

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by Thumper1 In reply to Have you considered SBS 2 ...

As I understand it, SBS does not allow more than one server?

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Your right

by dafe2 In reply to

It includes the Exchange 'Role' built in to it.

I thought (You) may want to consider it based on the size of your network as a good safe solution.

There's no doubt in my mind that the lawyer is 'over stepping' his bounds, but aside from that SBS 2003 may be a good fit & is built specifically for your situation.

Just another solution to consider as the responsible admin you seem to be.

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Novell's SBS allows 5 for free.

by Oz_Media In reply to

NOvell's SBS doesn't charge for the server copies and costs $95 per user for licencing, with 5 servers free. Pretty cheap.

It also offers a LOT more out of the BOX than MS SBS does, again only $95/user.

Novell SBS allows 5 servers FREE , MSSBS allows 1 and is more explpensive not even considering the additional licencing needed to add the proper Software Licene add-ons for products Novell includes. MS SBS cannot expand and grow with your business needs.

Hardware costs are MUCH higher when looking at MS. MSserver 2003 with MySQL is stated to support 50 users on one server, with Novell 6.5 you can have 1200-1300 users with the same hardware. A DRAMATIC difference in resource management and hardware costs.

MS SBS CAN handle 75 users but MS documentation says 50. Novell easily handles 100 users. Again as you business grows, MS doesn't.

NOvell SBS administration tools are centralized and robust, MS offers a limited set of tools, resulting in more support time.

The long and skinny, MS SBS will be inadeqaute even at your current level. If your business grows, new hardware, new server and user liceneces and more additional software licences needed.

Netware 6.5, $95/user, 5 servers with the SBS (at no additional cost per server)You just pay for users, the servers are free.
Easy to expand and upgrade, no need for new hardware, an upgrade from your existing platform will be even cheaper still.

I can see many reasons why to stay with Novell, I haven't yet seen a valid reason for switching to MS though.

Put the Novell TCO and out of the box solutions to a lawyer and see if he can offer a fair case to support his choices. Not to mention you already HAVE netware installed and it will cost far less to impement a worthwhile upgrade than moving to a new and less secure platform.

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